Wednesday, October 3, 2012

In Economics, it's known as opportunity costs

In the morning while driving to work, I love listening to radio. I don't really have preferred radio stations, it depends on my mood. When I am feeling youung and hyper, I will tune to Flyfm or Hitzfm. When I'm feeling a bit relaxed, I listen to Mixfm. And when I am in my better half's car, I am forced to listen to Sinarfm. That is a separate entry all together.

Today, Mixfm is the choice. And every morning they have different topic they speak about. Today, the topic is have you pawned anything in your life. This topic brings back a memory, or more specific a good experience in life.

It's not a secret, the first few years of our marriage was really tough. Not only trying to get used to each other(when you are courting and when you are married to the ma you are courting, trust me it's not the same), the main constraint was financial. Making ends meet was really tough challenge.

I remembered after I delivered Ilham, the finance situation got worse. Since we were at this stage of trying to proof ourselves to our parents, showing we are independent, asking help from them was never an option. After all, my parents were against me getting married at young age. Diapers, milk formula, babysitter to name a few costs that we need to consider. We fought a lot, perhaps due to tremendous pressure. At times, I cried in the middle of the night looking at my kids sleeping, wishing I can give them a better life.

Come to a point, a week before salary day, we were totally broke. Main reason was due to our car insurance and road tax have expired and that cost us a bomb! We have to spend most of our money to cover for that and we only have diapers and formula to cover 3 days. Imagine my worry, what do I feed my precious the next 4 days.

I have no choice and have to do what I need to do. I pawned my wedding and engagement rings to get some cash. Those items are important to me, but not as important as my kids. They are my life. When I asked my better half for permission, he didn't agree. I know he felt bad for making me going through this hardship. I kept on reminding him, we're in this together! (tiba2 teringat lagu High School Musical, *singing -We're all in this together* ok Liza snap!)

We managed to get some cash and I was relieved to be able to get the supply for my kids.The day salary was out, the first thing my better did was to get the rings back. He went straight to the pawn shop in Sungei Way and pay every single cent for it.

Those were the days. Yes, life was tough but I believe that made me the person I am. Those kind of experience made me different from everyone else. I value money more and I know I worked very hard to get every single ringgit I earned. And I save a lot. I am not a compulsive buyer and most of my money are either in the bank or spend them for my kids. Occassionally, we spend for family vacations. Branded stuff is really rare occassion.

And the best thing is, this experience made our marriage much more stronger. We have been through a lot over the years, and that make us love and appreciate each other more....

Of course, in Economics, this experience is called Opportunity costs, susah2 dahulu. Senang2 kemudian....

Alhamdulilah, semua kejadian ada hikmah nya.

Have an awesome day peeps!

Signing off,


Anonymous said...

Sis Liza,

lame rasenye x komen kat blog sis. this entry really brought tears to my eyes. early marriage is tough.


Anonymous said...

Tabik spring to kak liza. Salutteeee! - rien-