Friday, October 5, 2012

Liza on the map ~ Trip to Singapore, a holiday it is not

One of the beauty of my MBA class is we got to travel. We get to visit other campuses all over the world based on the subjects we choose. So, for the accounting module, I have to travel to Singapore.

I decided to drag my kids and my better half for this trip. I can focus better when all of them are in front of me. I can sleep better at night having the knowledge they have eaten and provided for. That's very important for me to focus for this difficult module. I haven't been doing accounting for the longest time.

We travelled to Singapore via Jetstar. It was the cheapest way to go there. Much cheaper than other airlines, even buses or cars for that matter. I have made thorough comparison before I proceed with the bookings. We also decided to park our car in KLIA, under long term parking. I have calculated, 5 days will costs us RM140, cheaper than taking a cab to and fro.

Jetstar is a low cost carrier so don't expect even 3 star service. But with the price I am paying and the short duration of journey, it's worth the price. Ilham said he can only listen to 5 songs on his iPod touch, then there's landing announcement.

We stayed in Novotel in Clark Quay. This was where my lecture will be held. The hotel was not too bad. It's near the Singapore River and comes alive at night. Next door, adjacent to the hotel is a shopping mall, so access to food (read Mcdonalds) is convenient. Halal food maybe a distance away. But 5 days only, so can do lah.

I am not gonna share what the kids and my better half did since I was not with them. Sadlah, I am in class and they were out there enjoying themselves. Sacrifices I need to make for this MBA. Sigh...

I only get to enjoy Singapore for one night, and just so happened it's the F1 night in Singapore. There were street festival at Clark Quay showcasing lots of local delicacies. But, I was not aware Ramly Burger is one of them ;).

One thing I was so happy about, I managed to get some Zam Zam Murtabak. Okaylah, I don't get to go to Universal Studios or Orchard Road, or even Mustafa Center, Zam Zam Murtabak will do. We walked from our hotel right to Arab Street, it was about 25 minutes walk. And it's worth every sweat (and nearly tears, rasa macam jauh sangat)

I always enjoy Singapore. Just that this time around, it's not a real holiday, more like Touch n Go series. Lesson learned, when I go for lectures in other locations, be sure I will extend my leave to enjoy the cities *Fyi, Boss, please approve leave saya*

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