Sunday, October 21, 2012

Liza Got Taste ~ Wati's Corner, Nilai

I am a fan of kampung style cooking. Hotels or fancy restaurants food are not my usual choices. I would prefer gerai type of food and the dishes have to spicy.
So, when I saw in FB a friend recommended this place in Nilai which have Negeri Sembilan cooking, I just couldn't resist. First time we went there, it was closed. Apparently, they don't open on Sunday. I was kind of disappointed, not only because I really wanted to taste the cooking, also the fact that we came right from airport after 5 days in Singapore where the food was not really to our liking.
We gave it our second shot, this time on Saturday after my better half got back from work. The place is about 15 minutes from where we live. It's in Nilai towards Labu. No actual landmark but right in front of a Muslim cemetary.

We arrived close to 2pm and there were not too many people there. Only 3 tables were occupied. We were starving, we ordered straight away. Our choices ; masak lemak daging salai, ikan patin masak tempoyak (I don't eat tempoyak, this is for my better half), sambal tumis udang, ayam kampung goreng with ulam, ikan kering and sambal belacan.

When the food arrived, I was quite disappointed with the portion. It was really small portion especially the masak lemak daging salai and ayam kampung goreng. However, the sambala belacan was a killer, it's exactly how my mom's made it. Tastes wise, oklah. Not bad, but nothing to should about.
And the most shocking thing was the price. For all that we ordered, it costs us RM40! Are you freaking kidding me! I can see the table next to me was also shocked, their bill was RM124 and there's only 7 of them. What they ordered was nothing extra ordinary.
All in all, okaylah. But, will I come here again. No, I don't think so. If I crave for my mom's sambal belacan, I will just go back and ask my mom to make it.
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Mr & Mrs Sallehudin said...

I like ikan patin masak tempoyak... :)

Eliss Mie said...

nampak sedap tapi mahal la pulak yer.