Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Liza Goes To Movie ~ Untuk 3 Hari

Love stories, chic flic or romantic comedy are my kind of movies. Regardless what the language is, this kind of movies will always be my choice. Not horror or action pack where everyone dies at the end but the hero will rise to the occassion. Of course in most of this kind of movies women are deemed as victims or just waiting to be saved. Cliche!
I don't read love novels though. I know who Ahadiat Akasha is but the only novel of his I read was Legenda Budak Setan simply because everyone was reading them back when I was in school. I just wanted to know what the novel was all about. Needless to say, I love both the book and the movies. Just awesome.
So, when the big hype about Untuk 3 Hari, yet another Ahadiat's novel was all over the news, I was motivated to watch it. Can't find time to go to cinema so booked it via Astro First instead.
Storyline was kind of not logic, but it's a movie, it don't have to be logic. It's about high school sweet hearts forced to marry other people by their families. Much to their dismay, they still went ahead with promise they will get divorce from their partners after 3 days. Crazy right? But that's the story line.
I will not want to spoil it for those who have not watch it. However, it's not a typical movie ending.
As for the controversy surrounding Rashidi Ishak and Vanida Imran's marriage, no such talak phrase between both of them every uttered. I paid attention to every second of the movie, not because it's interesting. More to listen to the scripts.
How I rate this. 2.5 over 5. And will I watch it again. I don't think so.
Next movie to look out for, Aku Terima Nikahnya.
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