Monday, October 1, 2012

Liza on the map ~ Ada Apa Dgn Ipoh

Caution : This entry has significant number of food photos. For readers out there who have this thing about seeing food pics on blog, please click on the x icon on the top right of this page

Right after we came back from Europe early June, we felt guilty for not taking the kids anywhere. We arrived few days before the school holidays started so I asked my better half, why don't we take the kids on a train adventure to Ipoh. We have always wanted to take the kids on train, this is our chance.

I booked the tickets via KTM Careline which I think it's really not that convenient. You can only book via phone, then you need to go to KTM counter to pay and collect your tickets. No online payment, etickets whatsoever. Weird considering it's just simple technology. I was told they only implemented the real definition of online system few weeks back so I was one of the those who is have to get the tickets manually.

We tickets price were not too bad. And the train is really comfortable. They sold food on board and Wifi service is also provide. The total journey took us about 1.5 hours. The train stopped at few stations but very briefly. The moment we arrived, we collected the car which we have pre-booked earlier. We stayed in this hotel called Regalodge, a 3 start business hotel. The hotel was ok, they even provide free mini bar with some can drinks and snacks.
What is there to see in Ipoh? Many people responded the moment I told them we are taking kids to Ipoh. Let's go through the lists one by one.
For one, it's the food and we had loads of it
Mandatory - Nasi Vanggey which was about 3 minutes drive from where we stay. It's located in Greentown. Don't worry chances are you'll not get lost, just ask for directions, practically every one knows where Nasi Vanggey is.
We also enjoyed the popiah goreng SS Ali, sold at the Medan Selera where night market called Gerbang Malam is located. This night market has practically everything, from clothing to used items.
I was recommended to go to this halal dim sum, also in Greentown Ipoh called Greentown Dim Sum Cafe. Oklah, but stil prefer the one in Holiday Villa.
One interesting thing was where we enjoyed cendol made the traditional way. It's located at Cendol Padang Kilat @ Pasir Pinji, Ipoh.
Who says there's nothing to see in Ipoh. We took a short boat ride at this place called Gunung Lang. The area is so beautiful, so green. Too bad it was not commercialised.
And that my friend is our one day in Ipoh. There's actually much more to see, caves, water park and markets, but our stay was too short. We shall be back one day.
p/s - Baby left her pouch which has her phone and camera in it on the train back. In normal situation, sure gone one. But, Alhamdulilah, KTM called us and we collected the stuff few days later. Good job KTM!
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