Monday, October 8, 2012

My Abah's Structured Retirement Plan

Why I am such a structured person mainly due to my Abah's ways bringing me up. There are processes and procedures to do things. Mentally there will always be some sort like a process flow with square and diamond decision box indicating the yesses and the nos. I used to hate it when I was small but now I understand it brings structure to my life.
Like the retirement plan my Abah has. He planned it 5 years before he reached 55. He started with planning (yes peeps, before we do anything, we must spend time planning!)  and put his thoughts on paper. I remembered seeing his sketches on the dream house Abah planned to build on this piece of land near Kuala Selangor. I know he will not stay long in Kelana Jaya. The house he dreamed of even has fountain in front of it. Like the one in the soap operas like Dynasty and Dallas.
Abah knows what he wants. He wanted to plant palm oil, having his own orchard and have his own live stocks like chicken, goats and cows. He started working on it 3 years before retirement. He knows planting palm oil will take some time and the first harvest can't be sold. So, he worked back wards to ensure everything can be implemented the day he retires.
My mom retired 4 years after Abah. Once Mom retired, Abah's plan is in full speed. They sold the house in Kelana Jaya and built a bigger house like how he planned. But, no fountain though. The rest was exactly like what he visioned ; cows, goats, chickens even ducks and geese. My dad planted durian, rambutan and mango trees, and also dragon fruits. Latest addition was lemon grass. Coconuts are harvested all year round, and very lucrative I must say.

I salute my Abah. He knows exactly what he wants and willing to work hard to achieve it. Results show and he did very well indeed.
So when he asked me, what's my retirement plan, I spontaneously responded ;
"Akak take over semua yang Abah buat ni lah. Sape lagik lah yang Abah nak harap kan"
Abah can just smiled to that :)

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