Sunday, October 28, 2012

What is the real definition of fast food ~ Mcdonald's Senawang experience

At times, for the sake of convenience we opt to have fast food as our meals. Or at times, kids wish to have them. I am not saying it's a healthy choice, but I believe for things to be in moderation.

Let's examine the definition of fast food. According to wikipedia, fast food is the term given to food that can be prepared and served very quickly. Noticed I enlarge the word prepared and served very quickly. Yes, dah nama fast food. It could not be more literal meaning than that.

Why am I dwelling into that definition so much. Cause today, fast food is not even close to the word fast. In fact, it's like watching paint dry.

We had a busy schedule today. Left Batu Pahat around 10am making our way sending my daughter back to boarding school in Negeri Sembilan. Traffic was slow, but still moving. I always ask my daughter what she wants to eat everytime we send her back. So today, she opted for Mcdonald's. We decided to stop by Mcdonald's along the way. And Senawang is the best choice. It's the one next to Giant Senawang.

We arrived sharp 2pm. The restaurant is very crowded but knowing Mcd, no matter how pack they can be, we know we will be served not longer than 15 minutes. But today is extra "special".

Kids went to book table and I queued with my better half. Our queue was the shortest among 3 queues in the restaurant. But, it was moving the slowest. Trickling, at times, barely moving. I was tired, so I sat down while my better half continued queueing. Mentally I was timing the service level. One customer took about 15 minutes to be served, this is gonna take ages.

The queue next to us was moving so fast. On average, 3 person served at that counter, only one at our counter. I was getting restless, not only me, also the people in my line. The girl manning our counter not only slow, she was taking her own sweet time taking our order and preparing our food. What makes matter worse, this couple, despite being in the queue for 30 minutes, when their turn arrived, they are still deciding what to eat. If it's up to me, I would have left. But, because Mira wants Mcd before she goes back to her boarding, I still stood strong waiting patiently.

But, I lost it. While she was preparing our order despite knowing how long we have waited, instead of speeding things up, she was seen frying the fries and preparing fries for her other colleagues. That is when I told her off "Dik, boleh tak prepare makanan akak. Dah lebih sejam nie, anak nak balik asrama."

Total waiting time before we finally got everything we ordered was 1 hour 15 minutes. Longest I have waited for any food. Even Nasi Kandar Beratur in Penang took us one hour. I was tired and could not even finished my burger. And kesian the kids....

So people, if you happen to be in Mcdonalds Senawang, make a turn and go to another branch . Especially if the counter is manned by a person name Farah. I seriously think she needs training, or else perhaps to consider other career cause this business is not her forte obviously.

Do I believe in fast food definition? My answer, depends on which branch.

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