Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Liza got taste ~ Pulai Terrace, Pulai Spring Resorts

Despite being married to someone from Johor, I don't really get to see much of Johor besides Batu Pahat. Yes, I go to JB quite often, but it's more due to work. First flight in, evening flight out. I see only airport and meeting rooms and nothing else.

One weekend I had to go to Skudai for work and since it was school holidays, I thought of dragging the whole family with me. We stayed in Pulai Spring Resort, one of the resorts in JB I love so much. We arrived very late that night, have to wait for my better half came back from work. Usually, I am driven by cab driver to this place, this time we have to get there and relied on GPS to get to our destination. Ended up, it stopped in the middle of nowhere, and the clock was showing 11.45pm. Scary!

Finally, we found the resort. I know I don't get to enjoy it that much the next day, Mama has to go to work. But, I am glad the kids get to enjoy the food and had fun.

My sister in law stayed near the resort so we thought of calling her and hubs for lunch. I have never tried food at the resort except for breakfast, which is by the way, nothing impressive. So, we decided to have lunch at the Pulai Terrace, place where typically golfers have their meals.

The menus were quite extensive, from local flavours to western delight. The prices were not too bad. Slightly lower than typical hotel food prices. Some items we ordered.

How do I rate this place?

For ambiance, I was so close to give it a 4/5. The view is so green and windy. Love the fresh air but ended up giving it 2.5 due to flies hovering the area where we eat. Easily, there were nearly 10 of those causing discomfort. I have to request for some candles from the waiter.

Service was great. Better than average, so I give it 4/5. Food was so-so. Suit the price well. So 3.5/5 fit the ratings.

Will I come here. Maybe, if I am too lazy to leave the resort.

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