Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Europe Adventure ~ The real Colmar, France

I was quite reluctant to leave Lucerne. Lucerne is so beautiful and peaceful. The air is fresh and the water is clear, not milky like some rivers or lake. How can you not love Lucerne. But, we need to move on to our next location, this time heading to France, to a place called Colmar, like the one in Bukit Tinggi. And this is the real colmar.

It's about 2 hours drive and when we arrived, it was near lunch time. Most of the restaurants were full so we decided to just walk around first while waiting for the lunch crowd to reduce. For those who have been to Colmar Bukit Tinggi, this place look exactly like it. Yes, the exact replica. We were told by one of the locals the same designer from France was the one involved in the development of Colmar, Bukit Tinggi. However, she shared her disappointment for Malaysia to chopped down trees just for the sake of replicating Colmar France when she feels we have loads more heritage building we should showcase. I have to agree with her on that one.

What to do in Colmar? Shopping for authentic stuff! The prices of items here are super cheap even after conversion. I bought a pair of flats and it's cost me only RM40 i.e. 10 euros. It's one of the most comfortable shoes I have worn and my regret for not buying more than one pair. Kept on reminding myself we have few more cities to visit and can't afford to buy too many things.

Food? That's a challenge. Halal food is nowhere to be found so we do the next best thing we know, buy vegetarian food. We ended up eating vegetarian pizza. Mind you, size of pizza in Europe is huge and I don't know how everyone order one pizza each for them. When we ordered just one pizza for the 2 of us, I can sense the waiter looking at us as if we are so kedekut, when the actual fact is we can't finish if we order 2. Price wise, not so expensive compared to other Europe cities we have been so far.

2 most interesting items in Colmar would be the canal ride ala Venice and their very own market. The canal ride will bring you all over Colmar, admiring the herigate building. None of the buildings there are newly built. All are refurbished from the 18th century. It's just a simple small town and how they can convert this to tourist attraction. I wish our country acknowledge this and stop demolishing heritage buildings. This kind of buildings can create an identity for our country and attract more tourists :)

Another place in Colmar I love was the market. The market is super clean, despite having all seafood and poultry stuff, it doesn't smell like a market. They also sold a lot of France bakery stuff like meringue, pretzels and croissant.

We spent about 4 hours here before making our way to the next destination, Amsterdam, where everything is legal. Well, almost everything!

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MyCute Munchkin said...

adeh..Colmar...bestnya..fifa p Colmar Tropicale Mesia jer ....huhu..best2..should be included in the holiday checklist..amin...

noorulaz said...

will be my destination next month! thanks for sharing this.