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Liza got taste ~ Buffet Ramadhan Cyberview Lodge

To make Ramadhan more exciting, my better half and I have created few traditions especially for the kids. So that they remember when they are bigger, and hopefully miss us and come home. Yes, I am that detailed in my planning, that's just who I am. One tradition is to come out with the whole month menu for iftar. Kids will give their input and once the menu has been agreed, it will be pasted on the notice board at the kitchen.

Another tradition would be to have 3 buka puasa outside. One just the 5 of us, another one with my parents and last but not least with my inlaws. This tradition will give the kids something they could look forward to, though they confessed they enjoy iftar at home than outside.

So, yesterday, we had our just the 5 of us iftar outside. It's quite a challenge to set a date, now that Mira is in boarding school so need to wait for her to come home for the weekend. Like last year, we chose to go to Cyberview Lodge. My better half and I identified few places, like Pullman Putrajaya, Equatorial Bangi, Marriot Putrajaya and Shangrila, but these places cost a bomb! To pay more than RM100 per pax for buka puasa is not something I find pleasant so we settled for Cyberview Lodge, at the Verandah.

 If you plan to buka puasa here, please make sure you make reservations. This place is packed every single year and if you make last minute booking, you will likely be disappointed. 

We arrived around 7pm, since it's not that far away from our home so we don't really have to leave early. By that time, the parking is nearly full and we thought we would have to park far from the entrance. Alhamdulilah, somehow the car park attendant directed us to a space right in front of the entrance. Blessings :)

There's something special for iftar here this year. They have Dato' Fazley, the champion of Master Chef Celebrity as their guest chef. He certainly attracted attention. Lots of people took photos with him. I also noticed, he brought his family around. His wife is so pretty. Did not see his kids though.

The spread here is quite extensive. You have from noodles to japanese cuisine (sushi and tempura), nasi arab with lamb and chicken, chinese food (dim sum, hainanese chicken rice, yong tau foo, char kuey teow and carrot cake) malay choices (ikan keli masak lemak, ulam2, sambals) and of course the dessert selection. The spread presented not only in the inside, also the external part of the restaurant.For the price charged, it is definitely value for money. Don't forget the BBQ spread from lamb to seafood, also otak2. Semua ada!

What I enjoyed the most were the laksa, sate daging and the roast lamb. Memang best!

However, I just need to highlight some unpleasant observation I experienced, not only here, typically in many many buffet set up kind of environment :
  • Tendency to take more food than what we can consume. It was so sad to see people who took food menggunung and only consumed not even half of it. Took berpuluh2 cucuk satay, but ate only few stick, took rice and lauk like feeding the whole table, end up putting it on the side for the waiter to clear. The buffet concept is not how much you can consume, but more the chance to enjoy variety of food available. Take in moderation, tak cukup tambah lagi
  • Parents who brought small children, please do take care of your kid and don't let them roam free and cause such unpleasant experience to other patrons. If you pay to be here, others paid as well. Take care of your kids please. Some people bringing hot food to their table, imagine if they bump into your kids and the food pour all over the kids. Don't blame others but yourself. If you can't take the responsibility, may I suggest you eat at home
  • Queue please! I don't know what Malaysians have against queuing. Trust me, there's enough food for everyone to enjoy. Wait for your turn and you will get what you aimed for.
All in all, I would really recommend to buka puasa here in Verandah, Cyberview Lodge. Contact details here.

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