Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Liza got taste ~ Buffet Ramadhan D'Impian Hotel Cafe

It's a tradition every year for us to have this family buka puasa whether in a hotel or restaurant. We will plan this for both sides, my parents and my inlaws. For my parents. it's easier since in Klang Valley, the choices are wider, however when we have to organise for the Batu Pahat clan, it's quite a challenge especially the fact that my father in law don't really like to travel too far from home, so our limit will only be around Parit Raja area, not too many things there. If it's Batu Pahat, much easier to manage.

So, this year, we went to the same place we went few years ago, D' Impian Hotel Cafe located in Parit Raja. This is one of the very few places that offer buffet Ramadhan.The choices are not too bad, match the price paid.

Typically, there will be 21 of us, full pax. They have choices of malay lauk, one bbq corner which offer ikan bakar, ayam bakar and sausages. The highlight will be sup tulang which is also the same station as soto or mee hoon soto. There is also noodles station and of course dessert which comprises of cakes, malay kueh and some puddings. They also had choices of drinks, both hot and cold.

Of course, the choices are not as extensive as the normal hotel spread but for the price ok lah. Service also so so lah, reflecting price gak kot.

If you want more info, visit this link.

If I have better choices, I would have gone some where else. Hope next year, Abah is more open to explore Batu Pahat lak. Boleh kan Abah?

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