Friday, August 3, 2012

Europe Adventure ~ Cologne anyone?

After spending a night in Heidelberg, we made our way to Cologne, a transit before we spend a night in Amsterdam. Cologne is another district in Germany and what I was told it's the originator of cologne, as in the perfume. In fact, we saw the first shop selling Cologne in this city.

There's nothing much I can share about this place. We were there for about 3 hours and just walked around the city. I noticed almost all cities in Europe, it will be by a river. And yes, the rivers in Europe are super clean. The water is so clear, at times the colour is clear green, blue or very light brown. And you can see the bottom end of the rivers, that's how clean it is.

One attraction is this bridge crossing the river where people can buy locks and embossed the couples names on it. They locked it at the bridge and throw away the keys in the river. It was believe this is a sign where the couples will be together forever. There were thousands of locks, I wonder how many actually stayed together forever.

While we were walking around, you can see some people giving out flowers. Don't be fooled, it's not for free. The moment you take the flowers from them, they'll as for money, as if you are buying it. We observed this so when this kind of people approached us, we quickly told them no thanks.

Food wise, not easy. Actually, based on our research, halal food in small cities in German is a great challenge. So, like in Colmar, we had vegetarian pizza to satisfy our hunger. And if you are into shopping, there's a lot of designer boutiques in Cologne. LV, Prada, Ferragamo, you just name it. Almost every stores in this city carries exclusive brands. And of course, I did not get any for myself. Was saving shopping when we reached our final destination, Paris.

A new unplanned discover was when we found Hard Rock Cafe by accident. We were checking in via FB in Cologne and stumbled across HRC as one of the check in location. We quickly finish our lunch and walked towards HRC. Such a good and pleasant discovery that was :)

I would strongly recommend Cologne if you are into shopping. Other than that, there's nothing much to see, at least nothing much that interest me.

Wanna know a city where almost everything is legal? Next change, Amsterdam!

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