Friday, August 10, 2012

Europe Adventure ~ Love continues to bloom in Paris....

If you go to Europe and you don't go to Paris, then you are not in Europe. At least that's what most people say. When we first drafted our 1st itinerary, we did not put Paris as the last stop. We were supposed to return to London and take flight home. However, since it was near to Olympics, things in London become more expensive and it's beyond our budget. Change of plans, Paris was our last stop in this adventure.

We also decided not to shop too much in other cities and to do some shopping in Paris instead so that it's easier to bring home. But, it was one of the bad choices we made, stuff in Paris was so freaking expensive. One of my wish lists I have in this tour is to get a Prada bag *berangan habis*. I did enter the biggest shopping place Galeries La Fayette. Can you imagine people really queue to enter branded boutiques here. In front of Louis Vuitton the queue was as long as some stalls in Pasar Ramadhan.As if the bags there are that cheap. When it was my turn to enter Prada, I started to look around and saw a bag I like. And guess what, price after conversion was RM5k. I politely said thank you to the sales assistant and left the boutique. Long story short, did not get anything in this shopping mall.

Paris is most beautiful at night. Lights everywhere and it looks so lively. We went for this night cruise and it was one of the best moment in our life. And the best sight was of course Eiffel Tower, all litted looking really bright. We also saw the tower during the day. We still prefer the view at night, it looks much better.

Like other cities, we used the City Sightseeing tour bus to enjoy our day out. The weather was really good, Alhamdulilah. We walked a lot and stopped by at few interesting buildings, enjoying our final day in Paris. We also managed to purchase some gifts for family since we have few more luggage space to spare.

One of the interesting place we visited was this perfume manufacturing place in Paris called Fragonard. We got the chance to see how perfume was made and also the history of perfume. The prices were ok that we bought a few to bring home. I love this one scent, very flowery and sweet smell. They don't sell their perfume out of their store unless you want to buy it online, something I have to do once my perfume finishes. 

Halal food was quite a few in Paris. No problem in locating them, almost all streets in Paris have them We enjoyed our meals mostly at this stretch along the Moulin Rouge theater. No, we didn't go for the theater, too expensive lah. 

Paris was nice, but there are other cities we feel is much better. For the lack of better words apart from the Eiffel Tower, Paris is overrated.To our personal opinion at least.

The fun time is about to end. Though it has been awesome, we can't wait to get home. Missing the kids terribly...

Next entry, the best and the worst of Europe....

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