Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Europe Adventure ~ Godiva anyone?

When I shared with some people one of the destination we will be going to is Brussels, Belgium, almost everyone said I must make sure I go and get some Godiva. Little did I know, Belgium is the land of chocolate. Not surprise since I don't really like chocolate so never bothered to see where  the good ones are produced and sold. Have heard of Godiva, tasted few times but it's just not stuck in my head.

We first stop at the, no, not the chocolate place yet. We stopped at this place called Atonium. Atonium is a monument made from steel and was built for the Brussels World Fair back in 1958. Actually, I did not believe at first it was built in 1958, the design don't look that old to me. But, when I googled it, yes, it was indeed built in 1958. The weather however, was not too kind, so we don't get to spend much time to enjoy the park.

Apart from chocolate, Brussels is also famous for it's wafel. You can have any type of topping you like, chocolate, strawberry or even chicken floss. But, don't be fooled. Despite stating the price is 1 Euro per waffle, that is only if you plan to get the plain ones. Once you decide on the toppings, it can cost you up to 5 Euro. We did not get any, we are just not waffle fan, and besides, we can always eat waffle in Malaysia, at much cheaper price.

Near the waffle place is this statue called Manneken Pis. Made from bronze, this piece built in 17th century was for this boy who saved the city from fire. Don't ask me how true that is, that was mentioned by the locals. We also spent some time in Market Place and Grand Palace where the Godiva shop was located. No, we did not get any. We got plenty courtesy of Qatar Airways, should be enough to go around the family. There is a Hard Rock in Brussels, however, it was not open yet, in fact they were still at recruitment stage. Tempted to apply, but I don't think I look cool for Hard Rock.

Halal food is not a challenge at all. It's more than sufficient and there's quite a large Muslim community in Brussels. When we arrived, so many of them were having picnic at the park that I felt I was in a Muslim country. So, no issue on that.

Apart from the interesting places I mentioned above, nothing much we get to explore in Brussels. Perhaps we need more time, Insyallah in future.

The Europe Adventure about to come to an end, with one more city, Paris, of course. 

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