Sunday, August 12, 2012

Liza steps to Oxford ~ 2nd semester has begun

After more than a month break, the drill has stared again. It's called 2nd semester of my Masters journey. Knowing how critical for me to do better this time around, I have planted (or at least trying very hard to plant in my head) to be more effective in my time management. It's time for me to be selfish, whichever tasks out of study that can work well without my intervention, be it work or family, I should start to let go. Otherwise, I should not be in denial and pretend to be so shocked when I get the results.

This semester will witness 3 papers ; Operations Management, Accounting (Management & Finance) and Business Simulation. After leaving accounting for so long (longer than I should) it's now to throw the rusts in my brain and start searching for compartments in it that has accounting knowledge. How I wish I can just control F and find it.

I must allocate time to study everyday. At least 2 hours per day. Lunch time is the best time, so forget about spending time with colleagues, must set my priority right as much as I would love to hang out with them. Time is of the essence and I don't have that much of it, so my dear colleagues, if I decline your invitation, my sincere apology. let's do lunch in 2 years time. And no more meetings during lunch time, it's time to say no and mean it!

Another hour is when I monitor kids do their homework, typically after Isya', Not only I get to study, I get to spend time with them, helping them with their homework, asking them how's their day and share new happenings. Have been doing this but not diligently. And mostly, I was doing work instead of studying. So, it;s time to start new.

Of course, considering I always arrive early at work, I have about 1.5 hours to spare before the real working hours start to kick in. Should go away from office to the nearest cafe and study. Yes, study. Not chit chatting, surfing FB, twitter or blogs. I can do that in 2 years time. 

I want this, I know I want this and have been wanting this for the longest time. It's time for me to show to myself I really want it. And with the investments  I am spending, it's better be with high ROI!

Signing off,

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