Monday, August 6, 2012

Europe Adventure ~ The city where everything pun boleh!

Amsterdam is another city I really looked forward to go to. The last time I was here, it was ages that I vividly remember how the city looks like. However, this time around, I did not schedule us to experience the tulips so for those who are reading this entry expecting tulips photos, I'm sorry. The ones in Oxford were the closest we get as far as tulips are concern. 

To be honest, the moment we arrived in Amsterdam, it looked scary to me. The city is so congested, so many vehicles on the road, particularly thousands of bicycles. This was the most scariest experience throughout our tour where I nearly got hit by a tramp, did not see it coming. I gave my better half quite a scare. Apart from that there were cars, buses, trishaws and pedestrians. Yes, you name it. Everything was on the road of Amsterdam.

In this city, priority is given to those riding bicycle. They have special parking spaces in a form of multistories building, own lanes as well as according to law, if you walk pass the bicycle lanes and got hit, it will always be your fault. You can hear the bicycle rings everywhere. 

We decided to go round the city via trishaw.. It's the safest and fastest way to go anywhere. At first, we thought of being adventurous and wanted to try cycling all over the city but changed our mind instantly the moment we see how chaotic the city was. We were lucky to get a good and reliable trishaw man. He took care of us really well. One time, he hit this guy eating Ben & Jerry ice cream and the ice cream slipped from his hand. Our trishaw man just said sorry and moved on. With his kind of body, I don't think anyone would want to mess with him.

Also, the fact that almost everything is legal here, even the business transaction of weeds. Yes, weeds as in the drug. My better half was so shocked and the first reaction he had was, no way I allow my kids to study here. Apart from that, any business related to sexual activities are also legal. They even have this place called red light district where loads of sex museums, shops and brothels are located. We walked through there briefly but turned back, feeling so gross and dirty! The highlight of the city will of course be the Hard Rock discovery. We can now axed Hard Rock Amsterdam from our check lists.

The next day we visited the country side of Amsterdam. We experienced the windmill, the real one. We entered into one and get to see the what happens in a windmill. They even had a pamphlet in Malay, which the translation is much better than malay documents in Malaysia. And the view from the top of the windmill was simply breath taking. Just beautiful!

We also visited the cheese factory, which doesn't really excite me considering I am lactose intolerant. However, I learnt there are many many type of cheese and there's this thing called blue cheese. Totally ignorant! We also got to experience how cheese is made. Next to the cheese factory was the clog making factory which was totally fascinating. So many beautiful designs and look very nice too. I wanted to get one but the stare my better half gave me stopped me from doing so. Yes, I know, mana nak letak and how many more shoes do I need.

As far as food is concern, not too difficult to find halal food in Amsterdam. There were quite a number of kebab places or you can also opt for vegetarian meals. Amsterdam may not be my favourite city thus far, but it was a good feeling having to experience the kelam kabutness of this place.

2 more cities to go before heading home. Next stop, Brussels!

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sawaNiLa said...

been to Ams before.. but not my fav place. too crowded n busy

Liza said...

sawaNiLa ~ Country side of Amsterdam was awesome, city side I don't really like