Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Europe Adventure ~ Switzerland, I'm in love

After Black Forest, we traveled to Switzerland. Unlike other European countries, Switzerland is not binded by EU. So, we were about to cross the border, there's a checkpoint for the bus driver to declare the passengers he has onboard and there's a certain amount of toll he needs to pay. So, if you plan to drive yourself, please remember this.

I was really excited to go to Switzerland. It has always been a country I want to visit. We were quite careful on the cities in Switzerland we choose to visit and Lucerne received lots of good reviews. So, Lucerne it is. The traveling from Black Forest was not a long one, about an hour and a half.

Switzerland is famous for its snowy mountain, chocolates and of course the Swiss watches and knives. We also thought of getting some to bring home. However, I must warn you. Spending money in Switzerland to buy anything is expensive. And please be prepared with your Swiss Franc cause Switzerland don't use Euro. Though in term of currency exchange, Euro is more expensive, but due to the high cost of living, things are more expensive in Switzerland if you convert to Malaysia Ringgit.

When we arrived, we immediately check in to our hotel called Schweizerhof. This is the only posh hotel we stayed in through out our European journey. We really wanted to enjoy Switzerland so we decide to spend abit more money here. After checking in, we did not waste time. We went for a walk around Lucerne, which by the way is not very big town. Walking across the wooden Chapel bridge is of course mandatory. There's quite a few of halal kebab place near our hotel so food is not a major concern. But, be prepared to spend nearly RM100 for a simple meal.

The next day, we started our day early. We were headed to Mount Pilatus. I know many people recommended Mount Titlis, but I am totally afraid of cable cars, and considering that's the only way to got up Mount Titlis, I gave it a pass. We planned our excursion to Mount Titlis.

The journey there was FUN!! We took a boat from our hotel, about an hour ride. The journey gave us an awesome view of the villages as well as many many mountains. We then took a train up the mountain, about 30 minutes ride but it's far much more stable than a typical cable car.

Mount Pilatus is about 1635 metre high. Please allow the pictures to do the talking as the view was beyond words.

Lucerne is one city we will obviously want to come again too. Remember to mark this in your map, as you should also aspire to come here one day, Insyallah.

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