Saturday, August 11, 2012

Liza got heart ~ Tear jerking Raya advert

What is associated with Raya apart from ketupat, rendang, almond london, baju raya or even duit raya (more painful memberi dari menerima).

Yes, it's close to tears (or at times sobbing uncontrollably) Raya advertisement. Don't lie! At least one advert would have caught your attention.

The latest one would be 2 advert, one by Petronas and another one by Bernas. 

 My pick? Bernas hands down. I can't really relate to Petronas advert cause in terms of being thankful, I think the Bernas one has higher impact. And the fact that to show gratitude towards your parents while they are alive, you don't know how much time you have left with them.
However, I still think advert by Arwah Yasmin Ahmad the best. How can this advert not cause tears in your eyes :
But my most favourite one would always be the Burung Murai advert, to show how when we were young, how parents accommodate to all our requests and questions no matter how repetitive and stupid they may be
Whichever is your favourite, never forget the messaging. It's all about gratitude, respect and appreciate your parents. And do this, Raya or no Raya....
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intan izani said...

i think petronas started the trend of producing short-drama for raya ads, but these part years, iklan diorg dah tak deep sgt. i choose bernas jugak this year. sgt touching.