Monday, April 27, 2015

Traveling Throwback ~ Top 5 international cities I love!

It's no secret I love traveling. I love going places ever since I was very young. Of course, back then budget was limited so movement was limited too. Mainly domestic travel. However, I am fortunate, my dad used to work for MAS and one of the employees benefit was flight tickets to travel abroad FOC once a year. Thanks to this we get to visit many countries.

There are however 5 cities I have visited and fell in love instantly

#5 Barcelona

We went to Barcelona in 2012. It's part of Western Europe backpacking tour I experienced with my better half. We went there during spring and the weather was just amazing. We walked around the city and of course use the cheapest way to see any cities i.e. via Hop On Hop Off. We also get to enjoy the seaview and hillview. Being a football fan, of course we visited Barcelona Stadium Camp Nou

We also enjoyed walking along La Ramblas. We were looking for halal tapas, unfortunately could not find any. There, we get to experience many street entertainment. We get to experience great architecture portrayed from the buildings around Barcelona.

Halal food was not a problem in Barcelona. Almost every street we walk through, there will be at least one restaurant or cafe that offers halal dishes

#4 Lucerne

There's nothing not to like except for how expensive things are! We love Lucerne. It's just so beautiful. Again, we were blessed with such good weather. Waking up and get to see a beautiful lake and mountains making waking up is not so bad after all. Like many other cities in Europe, we walked a lot. The highlight of course taking a cruise to Mount Pilatus, then took a train up. We enjoyed the amazing view going up and down the mountain.

Walking across Chapel Bridge was another interesting experience. We get to enjoy sunset from the bridge and it was really beautiful. Some may say it's cheap to buy watches and chocolates there. However, based our experience, it's not really that cheap. Even food was super expensive. I guess we are also paying for the view hence why the price is super high

#3 Gold Coast

I may be bias in choosing this city simply because I love beaches. Beach holiday has always been my kind of holiday. And Gold Coast beaches are just to die for. I can just sit at the beach for hours accompanied by good books, I am happy already. Kids of course love Gold Coast because of the theme parks. You need to spend whole day for one park. We were fortunate we came during off peak hours. So the queue was not long and kids get to enjoy rides they love few times.

One experience I enjoyed was strolling through the Pasar Malam aka Night Market on the beach. The items sold there were unique and majority of this were home made. Food was accessible anywhere as many joints offer halal food.

#2 London

 Yes, London. How do I even begin to tell you about London. This is a city I feel most comfortable with. This is the city I feel right at home. I just know where to go, what to do, what to eat. It's just so simple. Changing from one tube or train to another visiting many interesting places. Walking along Hyde Park every morning after breakfast is never boring. There is nothing I don't enjoy in London. I can go to London every year and still don't get bored. Planning to go again this year Insyallah.

#1 Oxford

First time I came to Oxford, I fell in love immediately. I went there for work and it was not a long trip and yet I enjoyed it. I told myself I can imagine living here and raising my kids. I made promise to myself I will be back with my better half and kids. True enough, I came back with them and went there again. Since 2011, I managed to return to Oxford every year without fail.

I love the architecture. I love the buildings there. I love the parks. I love the morning market. I just love Oxford. I got inspired and planning to pursue my studies there soon Insyallah. And if everything goes well, I do hope both Mira and Ilham can also study there. Yes, Insyallah

Of course, there are many other amazing cities apart from this 5. We do hope we get to visit more cities soon. In our bucket lists we have Istanbul, cities in East Europe, Scandinavian cities among others. Insyallah...Soon....

And traveling don't have to be expensive. Plan well and go for cheaper options. Save money. Insyallah even you can travel!

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