Sunday, April 19, 2015

Throwback Entry ~ Canteen & Childhood Food

The way my better half and I give pocket money to our kids, we don't give it on daily basis. We give them monthly allowance which they use to buy daily food at the canteen, buy their phone prepaid top up or other stuff they want. We will still cover their education and other needs like books, stationery and kawasan2 sewaktu denganya. Should they need more than what they receive, they need to present a case to us and work for it. We are trying to teach them to live within their means so they can be better prepared for real life.

So, last night during dinner, we asked them about canteen food, whether they experience price increase. We read somewhere some canteen operators increased the price of their food and gave GST as the reason. Wanted to see if their school is affected. Alhamdulilah, the school still maintain the same price. Both of them then shared what food is good to eat and what are just big No No!

It reminded me of the childhood and canteen I consumed when I was in school. Unfortunately, on canteen food, my memory is failing me, somehow I don't remember much memory on primary school. I went to SRK Kelana Jaya and all I remembered was the hawker outside the school that sell junk food aka jajan. I don't remember about the canteen food at all.

However, for secondary school, I went to SM Seaport before I entered MRSM. I told my kids I was fortunate as the canteen did serve descent food at affordable price. They had like food court concept. I love the Mee Kari there. Next to it was the Yong Tau Foo stall. I usually buy Mee Kari and then go to Yong Tau Foo stall and buy 1 or 2 dumplings. I will request for the dumplings to be added directly to the Mee Kari. I usually eat a lot at the canteen since highly likely I don't get to eat lunch at home. Both of my parents were working so if I wish to eat, I have to cook myself. Hence makan kenyang2 then balik rumah :).

Many may say MRSM food is bad. However, as far as I can recall, it was not too bad. I remember I love the Friday menu the most, Ayam Bumia with special rice, I think that's the name. Of course, Friday is ice cream day so makin best! I also love Soto Pasar Gesel. It is still the best soto I have ever eaten. I think many of my MRSM mate can vouch to that.

I then went to college in MSM Trolak and what I remembered the most was Kuey Teow Hailam with chicken. There's this couple who sold goreng2 food and I remembered how I enjoyed their Kuey Teow Hailam. They also sell Nasi Ayam so I requested for the chicken from Nasi Ayam to be added on top of the Kuey Teow Hailam. Yes, people, I love to mix and match my food. Somehow, I was not bored of this food and I ate it almost everyday unless I am broke.

Of course, I have childhood food I miss till this day. I was brought up in Kelana Jaya and back then they were lots of food which I enjoyed. Everytime after kelas agama, I will buy goreng pisang from this Pak Cik whom all of us call him Pak Cik Goreng Pisang (duh!!). He also sell Cucur Udang and whenever I ordered the goreng pisang, I would ask the Pak Cik to add the sambal for Cucur Udang. Here I am, mix and match my food again.

If you are from Kelana Jaya, you should be familiar with Goreng Pisang garam (the only goreng pisang I know that sprinkle salt before handing it over to customer), Nasi Lemak Mak Cik Muka Masam selling next to 7-11. Though this Mak Cik is not so mesra alam (hence the nickname), she always give generous portion of everything like sotong, ayam and of course rice!. With the price we paid, the portion is super huge!. This Mak Cik only opened her stall from 6pm onwards.

I also love Nasi Lemak Mak Cik Garang, near the SS6 PKNS Apartment. She only opened for breakfast. She operated her stall with her husband and daughter. Though she has them helping her, she don't really allow them to help her. She always wants to do things herself. And very the garang one! Her sambal was so awesome. And I love her sambal sotong as well.

There are also pasar malam food which I really miss. Mee Soto at Wak Soto stall which has the best sambal cili api ever, this sambal guarantees you to sweat like you are under the hot sun. I also remember vadey and idli which we call gerai anak dara. If you consume this while it's hot, it's one of the best food experience you'll ever get.

And how can I not include the Aunty Gemuk Kuey Teow, Lau Wan Kuey Teow, Lontong at Restoran Jaya among others. There was also Nasi Ayam bawah pokok near what used to be the building of Jerry's tuition center. Also Rojak in front of Giant lama.

My mouth water just by blogging this entry. I better stop now before this crave becomes unbearable. Haih!

So my ex-schoolmates, college mates and Kelana Jaya people, do you remember the food I listed above. I bet you do!

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