Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Most Powerful 7 with No More Excuses

I have been wanting to lose weight for the longest time. My weight loss journey is like a yoyo. It goes up then it goes down and up again. Before I gave birth to Isyraf, I loss a lot of weight. I must admit, though some may say I am perasan, I look good.

When I got pregnant, I even had this conversation with my gynae. It was half serious and half joking. I asked my gynae whether I can have a healthy pregnancy and not gain too much weight, you know like Fasha Sandha, her tummy is the only thing that got bigger(Yes, I did quote Fasha Sandha when I spoke to my gynae). She did not grow side ways and look so good. My gynae just gave me the stare and did not even entertain my question.....

My weight on the day of my first pregnancy check up was 65kg. I then wiegh 72kg one day before I gave birth to Isyraf. After I delivered, I weigh 64kg and today after 45 days, I am 62kg. My better half told me not to be too skinny and of course his speech about loving me no matter how fat I become ( Yes Sayang, how sweet of you but you know very well I need to lose this extra weight). I am doing this so that I can be healthy and able to take care of my 4 kids. I can't afford to fall sick especially after having Isyraf.

This pregnancy is also an eye opener. I was diagnosed with both high blood pressure and diabetes. According to my gynae it's mainly due to my age and if I don't start to have healthy lifestyle (eat right, exercise), I may have this for the rest of my life which is not good. How can I take care of my 4 babies when I can't even take care of myself. So, that's a good motivation. I will do anything for my kids, Yes, anything!

After I delivered Isyraf, I followed pantang diligently in terms food consumption. And of course breastfeeding helps to lose that extra weight. As much as I wanted to start exercising right away, I was advised to wait until my pantang period is over to ensure I recover well from child birth before I can start. So, today, my pantang has officially ended and my weight loss journey has officially started.

I acknowledge it's not easy. There will be temptations and also godaan sekeliling (you know what I mean). However, if I remind myself of my original nawaitu on why I need to do this, I believe it can be done Insyallah....

Ting! Day 1!

Wish me luck!

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