Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Overdue Entry ~ Safely Signed, Sealed, Delivered and He's Ours

Yes, I know. I was supposed to blog more diligently. As much as I want to blame my job, my family or whatever other commitment I have, the truth is it was due to this syndrome called Malas or in English, lazylah. I have so many things I want to blog about, somehow I wish I can just talk and someone else can do the typing. Yes, I know, I can be a little bit diva sometimes.

Well, Alhamdulilah, I have safely delivered a perfect baby boy more than a month ago. Few months before delivery were quite dramatic. Being diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure and being told by my gynae even if I control my food and other elements in my life like work stress, I will still have this tagged to this pregnancy simply because I am old. Thanks doctor. That really boost my self confidence though I appreciate the honesty.

2 months before delivery, I had to poke my fingers 3 times a day i.e. 2 hours after meals to check my sugar level. I was still working so at times I have to excuse myself from meetings and go to the loo to do the poking. And that is not enough.

A month before delivery, I had to go to the nearest GP for my BP to be taken every day. I offered to buy the BP machine (which I did anyway) but my gynae insisted for me to still go to GP so I can be advised if I need to be rushed to the hospital if my BP level increased significantly.

This period was quite tough for the kids. However, like other things in life, it was a blessing. Having grown up kids and at the same time going through this pregnancy made them appreciate me more. They now know and see it for themselves how hard it is to carry them for 9 months and the pain that comes with it. I am blessed to have my kids taking care of me, not allowing me to do too many housework and occasionally gave me foot massages after I come back from work.

Yes, talking about work. I was still working even on the day I was due to deliver. This time around the delivery was much more organised. I knew when I was about to be admitted and when is the expected time of delivery so I get to plan better. And for those who know me, would know very well I love planning. I was induced on 25th Feb 9pm and delivered at 4.08am. This time I asked for epidural, unlike my other 3 delivery where I went through the real labour pain. I was young and stupid, I thought that's the right thing to do. Until many of my girlfriends told me it's stupid not to take epidural. Science invented this to make labour pain bearable, why on earth we choose not to use it. If I were to get the same advise before, I will be #TeamEpidural all the way!

Isyraf Zayd is just a perfect baby (Yes, all moms say that about their kids). After 2 push (and I did not even feel it, only worked based on my gynae instruction to recite Bismilah, selawat, take a deep breath and push) he came into our world. Of course, both my better half and I cried when we first saw him. He is beautiful and LOUD! Yes, I repeat LOUD which my gynae said that's good, it shows he has strong lungs.

And like all the other 3 babies I delivered earlier, Isyraf changed our lives. All 5 of us. And I can't ask for more. He makes our family happier.

How am I doing after entering motherhood again after 14 years from the last delivery? I will share with you later. For now, need to stop and feed Isyraf.

Alhamdulilah, life is good....


CikLily Putih said...

k liza congrats... tak tau pun k liza dah deliver... mesti comey kan..

Liza said...

Cik Lily Putih ~ thanks. dah nak habis pantang pun this Friday, 44 hari