Sunday, May 17, 2015

I am a great mom and let me tell you why!

I don't understand the whole fiasco about we can't celebrate Mother's Day. Since I can remember, I always get or make something for my mom on Mother's Day. Since her birthday is somewhere near that day, we also have good meals together. Like a double celebration. Yes, true, everyday is Mother's Day. However, imagine this...

On Mother's Day, when all Mother's around you get gifts and you don't, how does that make you feel. Yeah yeah yeah, of course your children love you so much however, deep down inside, of course you want them to show it. And Mother's Day is one way for them to show their appreciation. So, please enough of this "Every day we need to appreciate our mother" talk. We all know that. And by adding one special day, it doesn't kill anyone.

Coming back to why I think I'm a great mom.

Well, going through pregnancy (and one of it was full of complications, frequent bleeding) would be one proof. Carrying a child while trying very hard for that not to affect your daily life is not easy. Sticking to all the routine while trying to make sure you eat right, maintain your health and take care of your other children can be tough. My recent pregnancy, I was diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure. I need to make sure not only I take care of my health, also remember if I don't it will harm the baby. At the same time, other components of life go on. Business as usual...

Then comes the day to deliver a child to this world. Alhamdulilah, all my 4 kids were delivered normally. Isyraf's delivery almost require C-Sect however, it turned out to be normal despite all the pre delivery complications. And his was the less terrifying thanks to epidural. Why was I so dump not to have that for the first 3 delivery. It doesn't make me less of a mother. Like a friend told me, it was invented for a reason, to help us women endure the pain. Don't feel bad about using it, cause there will be other type of pain being a woman...I am glad I followed that advise when I delivered Isyraf. It makes delivery less scary and I am not afraid to go through it again #eh

To me raising children is the toughest of all. It's an emotional roller coaster experience. Happy, sad, scared, worried and if I am "lucky" all that feelings came at one time. Every stage of my kids' life come with different type of challenges. When they were small (Isyraf's current stage) we just have to deal with the fevers, coughing and all the normal babies and toddlers sickness. Managing own heart attack every time they fall and bleed, every time we need to take them to be stitched, every time we see their school or day care number appearing on our phone screen. When they get food allergies....and many more other stuff. Not forgetting when they throw tantrum in public and we try our very best to discipline them. Yes, that too

And of course the moment they enter teenage years, the stage where potentially "I hate you Mama" period. Where we try to give them freedom at the same time controlling them. A very fine line there and extremely difficult juggling act. Trying to understand their latest craze, what are they into. Understanding their problems and issues, which usually are small but the way they reacted as if world is going to end. Listening to all this after a long day at work and you just got scolded by your boss and went through a bad day in the office. But, you can't tell them you think their problems are not big, they will think you don't understand them. Not easy and I am still learning.

So after all this, regardless what people say, I know I am a great mom. I am there for my kids, through their sickness, hugging them when they feel the whole world hates them just because one friend refused to speak to them, listening to their stories every time they come home from school, attending their sports events, concerts, competitions and many more. Telling them I am proud of them no matter what.

To all moms out there, never let idiotic judgmental people make you feel like you're a bad mom. You went through a lot to raise your kids. What do they know. They don't live your life.

The next time some people judge the way you raise your kids or manage your family, just turn to them and smile and say thank you and then just walk away. This people don't deserve your attention at all.

Happy Mother's Day everyone. You are an awesome mom and nevet let people let you think otherwise!

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