Monday, April 6, 2015

I think I wanna write a malay novel.....

One thing that I do whenever I am on long leave, in this case, maternity leave, I will watch malay dramas. Many many malay dramas. Yes, I do enjoy malay drama. On normal days, malay dramas would be my lipat kain moment. It makes lipat kain more enjoyable. Before you know it, 2 baskets gone while I enjoy giving live commentary on how stupid the hero is or how mean the b**** who likes to kacau suami orang. However, given now I have so much time to spare, I get to watch more malay dramas.

Off late, I noticed few common trends in malay dramas. One trend is the title. Some how, many would have suami or isteri on the title. Either Suamiku something or Dia Isteriku or Suamiku. Like the one I am watching now while I type this, "Isteri Separuh Masa". Last week, I followed Suami Rumah Sebelah and Teman Lelaki Upahan (TLU) (which I have yet to move on from TLU, Kyra and El are 2 characters which are unforgettable, yes, I have not moved on). I also watched Suamiku En Perfect 10. Baby was complaining I have become more Mak Cik since I got pregnant and got worse after I delivered.

Another trend in malay drama which I noticed is secret marriage. Either parents not aware their OWN kids are married, or they got into arranged marriage and don't want others to know or something in between. Of course some of the story line are not logic. Well, that's the beauty of it. It's not logic and yet we still enjoy watching it and got addicted.

This give me an idea, maybe I should start writing malay novel while I am on confinement. I can write about some cliche marriage arrangement. It can be due to tangkap khalwat which of course not the fault of the 2 main characters (adalah orang aniaya diaorang) or the main character cannot claim CEO position or some harta pusaka until s/he got married or fulfilling parents or atok nenek wasiat. Of course, one part of the couple is from the city and another one orang kampung or some sopan santun gadis who is so naive and senang kena tipu.

The title must have Suami or Isteri in it. Since many are taken, so I need to squeeze my brain harder to get a catchy title. Suamiku CEO, Aku Orang Kampung or Isteri Vogue Suami Selebet or Isteri Terror Masak Kari Kepala Ikan...something like that lah. Still got time to think about the title. Some title already in the market don't make much sense, at least not to me, so why can't I choose one title some where along that line.

It must also have comedy elements. And then followed by sob stories. And this two has to blend in. Barulah can make more than a dozen episodes. Oh, didn't I tell you the reason why I want to write the novel so that it can be converted into drama. The longer the episode the better. I can then choose who I want as the main characters, Izzue Islam ke, Aiman Redza ke, Adi Putra ke or Emma Maembong, or Ayda Jebat....It's so scary I now know the name of these actors or actresses. Before this I only know them by their character names. You may call it progress, I may call it "I'm Bored" moment.

I have less than 2 months to go before I start working again. I better start the novel soon, otherwise sure tak sempat to finish lah!!


farhanaDr said...

Kekeke. Tergelak baca entry kak Liza yang ni. Kejap rasa macam sarcasm, kejap rasa macam ikhlas tulus dari hati idea tu. Hahaha. But yeah, nowadays drama adaptasi novel ada macam2 tajuk pelik. Saya yang tengah tulis novel pun jadi stuck sebab terpengaruh. Haha.

P/S : Count me in for El-Kyra phenomenon. Saya pun tak move on lagi. Rindu mereka. Tak rasa macam berlakon pun bila tengok TLU. :D

Liza said...

Hi Farhana, memang saje campurkan elemen ikhlas and sarcasm. Tapi apakan daya, k liza nie mmg dah jadik minah drama :). Thanks for reading