Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The most trying time

When it comes to child birth, there are many phases we need to go through. Major phases would e pregnancy and what comes with it and labour pain and what comes with it. Many thought labour pain is the most trying time, maybe to some. Not to me at least, epidural or no epidural.

As shared earlier, this round of pregnancy was quite taxing on me. I never had diabetes or high blood pressure when I was carrying Mira, Ilham and Baby, however, I was tested with this 2 diagnosis when I was carrying Isyraf. That was when I had this theory whoever said when you are pregnant, you can eat anything is a damn big liar. This pregnancy, I don't get to eat many things. Thank God I don't have any critical cravings. Otherwise, bak kata orang tua, meleleh air liur anak.

Most trying time for me is confinement (noticed I use IS since I am still in confinement, 2 more days 2 go). This round of confinement, unlike the first 3, food was not the issue. I am ok not having to consume many food I like. Having to eat fish cooked in certain way, nothing spicy except if it comes from black pepper, there are forbidden fruits and vegetables when I am hantu fruits and veges. I am just ok with it. Maybe because of that, my weight now is much lower than before I got pregnant the 4th time.

Why I find this time around confinement is the most trying time is I can't go out and do things I love even if I don't mind going anywhere wearing socks (still wearing them as I am typing this). However, I had to make this confession (sorry Mummy, I did go our few times cause I have to, not because I want to *yeah right*)

1. I won a contest organised by Shape Malaysia magazine and I got to have merchandise worth RM800. Condition is I had to go and collect the prize myself and I have to do this within 1 week. So, I had to go out. The collection place is in PJ. At the same time, my phone screen got cracked and Samsung had an offer which is only for that week where I had to pay only 50% of the actual price which is a lot. So yeah, I had to go out. I went with my better half and we took the kids including Isyraf as it was school holiday. Kids got hungry and I had to feed them. So we had to go to the nearest mall and feed them lunch (don't worry, I was still consuming pantang food, though I don't know why you should be worried)

2. It's a tradition we eat out to celebrate birthdays. And this time around it was Baby's birthday and it's only fair we take her out for the normal makan do. I need to show the kids even with the arrival of Isyraf, we will still maintain whatever family tradition we have. So we went out for 2 hours to celebrate and then went straight home. My better half parked our car at the nearest spot to the restaurant so I don't have to walk too far. And yes, I was still consuming pantang food

3. There were some issues with my better half's shop in Johor which need to be settled fast and my help is needed. So the whole family went back Johor to sort things out. Isyraf made his debut to my better half's kampung. It was a short day trip. We came, we solved and we went home. No stop over except for lunch at Mak's house and Friday prayers at the nearby mosque. Yeah yeah, still consuming pantang food

4. This one, is within my mom's knowledge. My Pak Lang passed away. I went back to Kuala Selangor so we can give our final respect. Of course, I am not allowed to go to the cemetery therefore Isyraf and I stayed in the car. Despite the sad reason to get together, I wanted to take advantage of this to have family lunch with my 2 brothers and my parents. It's a rare occasion for all 5 of us having meals together. And the best thing is without the kids (except for Isyraf, no way I am leaving him behind) so we can have good descent conversation and not worrying for someone to pecahkan pinggan mangkuk kedai makan or running around, falling and injuring themselves or losing any of the kids. My mom has always wanted to makan at Aaron Aziz's restaurant, Kidz and Creme so we took mom there. It was really worth it. Both of my parents were at their happiest mood seeing all their 3 kids in front of them. Oh I forgot, I was still eating pantang food (gila ko! Mummy ada situ, ingat boleh lepas!)

5. This one was entirely me wanting to go out. I was bored. I was (and still am) really really bored. So, I pujuked my better half to take me out and kids for lunch. We went to this new shopping mall in Cyberjaya, D Pulze. Good choice, not crowded and have nursing room. Had good lunch and went back. Yes, still pantang food ouls!!

Of course, in between I get to go our for doctor's appointment when Isyraf was diagnosed with jaundice and when he had to go for his jab. That one doesn't count ya cause we just have to kan? (like it matters)

So I told my better half, I am willing to go through the pregnancy and labour pain (only with epidural ok!) again. I know if I were to get pregnant again it will be tough as I am OLD! But I am still ok to go through the journey, my only worry is if it will affect the baby. But, no way I want to go through confinement ever again.

This is the long answer to your short question. No, I don't plan to have more kids. Of course, kuasa Allah kita tak boleh menghalang ketentuanNya (chewah, bahasa drama dah kluar dah!). If Allah decides for me to have more, I will accept the rezeki. If it's up to me, the answer is NO!

You stop asking, I stop answering ya!

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