Saturday, July 28, 2012

Europe Adventure ~ Viva Barcelona!

Barcelona, how can I ever begin to describe Barcelona. Barcelona has always been the city I wanna go. So, when I was plotting the cities we want to go to for this round, of course Barcelona is in. But, there's so many things I wanna do in Barcelona. 3 days 2 nights may not be enough. The cities, the beach, the buildings! Prioritise Liza, prioritise!

We arrived at Barcelona around 10pm. One can only wonder why we take all this late flights. Well, it's a budget tour, so everything has a budget. The accoomodation, the flights. Subuh flights and night flights are obviously cheaper than the peak hours flights.Our hotel was not too far from the airport, about 10 minutes taxi ride. And taxi in Europe is really posh! My first ride in an Audi car.

We started our day really early, so many things to cover kan? So, first thing first, let's find food. According to, finding halal food in Barcelona is much easier than other cities in Europe. So, we walked around Plaza Catalunya and La Ramblas areas to get some food. So many bakeries and kebab places selling food at such cheap price, cheap in Europe definition. Remember, don't convert to our currency!

So we ended up buying rice and roast chicken from one Arab kebab place. Such big portion for 4 Euros. We decided to lepak at a park while we enjoy our breakfast, and from the portion size, it'll be our lunch too.

Next, finding the City Sightseeing Tour Hop On Hop Off bus. It's right in front of Plaza Catalunya where the huge fountain is. One tip when you go to Europe cities, the quickest and cheapest way to go around the cities would be via Hop On Hop Off. And make sure your hotel is near their stops, then you don't have to take a cab to go back. Coincidently, there was some strike ala Occupy Dataran was going on there. Actually, when we were in Rome, they were also having demonstration near Colleseum and I don't see big fuss about it like here in Malaysia. Police guided the traffic and also made sure everything was in order. Takde lah kecoh pun.

So many things to share on Barcelona. The beaches were so awesome it's like watching CSI Miami. The city was so beautiful and we were blessed with such good weather. And of course, we had to go to Barcelona Stadium, the home of Barca and where Messi plays! Mana boleh tak singgah.

Enjoy the photos here. Let the photos show you how awesome Barcelona is! 

Next entry, kita break dulu. Thought of sharing some recipes pulak. Then, we continue our European journey, Germany is the next destination!!!

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