Monday, July 23, 2012

Europe Adventure ~ Some UK tips

First and foremost, Selamat Berpuasa to all my friends no matter where you are. I personally love fasting month and amazed how I can discipline myself on that particular month but struggle on other months. Strange huh? And Ramadhan put me into yet another test in time management. Juggling with work, making sure I reach home on time to prepare iftar on top of many other ongoing tasks.

Anyhow, this entry is not about Ramadhan. Considering how slow I am in blogging, perhaps Ramadhan entry can only be made visible on Raya, and I'll be lucky if it's Raya Aidilfitri, otherwise, Raya Aidiladha.

Well, I'm no expert in traveling to UK, hence this tips are mainly based on my personal experience. Experiece of others may be different, just thought to share mine for those who wish to go to UK one day.
  • Trust your friends, not the weather person  ~ this is true. we were in UK when it's supposed to be summer, however it was freaking cold. I am lucky I listened to friends in UK and brought some warm clothing, otherwise I would not be able to go out at all!
  • Buy everything online ~ as per my earlier entries, we went to Liverpool, Oxford and Bicester. We were lucky to buy all the tickets online and got it cheaper. It will also gave us assurance we have seats, almost all the trains and coaches were full. Only the first day when we arrived London, the impromptu traveling to London from Oxford due to feeling super cold was the tickets we didn't buy online. It will also make it easier to plan for activities in between knowing what time you need to be at the stations
  • Hotels/B&B locations ~ Choose hotels/B&B within walking distance to groceries stores or makan place. You can refer to to know the nearest halal makan place from your hotel. What we did was to book our accommodation after we refer to If you plan your location well, you will save a lot of money on travelling.
  • Pay by credit card instead of cash ~ Euro's economy is not that good and the exchange rates are declining. We were lucky we did not change that much money, most of our transactions were done via credit cards therefore it will lock the rates on transaction dates. We saved some money this way.
  • And yes, it's all about PLAN PLAN PLAN. When you plan, you'll save more money cause you know where to go and what's the best rates for stuff. I don't have problems in this area, cause I love planning :)
Next entry, Insyallah, sharing our experience in Dublin. And I must say the best part of the Dublin excursion would be meeting my friends after many many years.

Signing off,


dieya said...

salam ramadan kak liza!
seems like forever since i last read your blog. hope u n your family are doing well.

i totally agreen with all your points. especially the last one - planning is definitely the key!

Liza said...

Dieya ~ hi there Dieya, salam Ramadhan to you too. I wish I am more diligent in updating my blog. Yes, planning is very important. We can be random when we are there but when it comes to accommodation, transport and where to eat, the more we plan the more we save :)