Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Liza goes to concert ~ M. Nasir @ Philharmonic Orchestra

After we went for the Aizad's concert at MPO, we got this addiction to go for more concerts at MPO. But, no, not the real orchestra ones. It will be more where there's artist backed up by orchestra. Perhaps, we will venture into the pure orchestra when we are ready. Chewah, nak dengar orchestra pun nak kena ready.

We bought the tickets to this concert nearly a year ago. The prices were not too bad and with Mesra card, additional 10% discount were given. I was actually working on that day, yes, on a Saturday. What makes it worse, I have to work in Penang. I was really careful on my flight arrangement to make sure I arrive on time. My event ends at 5.30pm and I need to be in KLCC by 8.30pm.

Alhamdulilah, no flight delay and arrived in KLIA at 6.30pm. My better half was already waiting at the airport and we went straight to KLCC. Had light dinner and solat maghrib. We were in the concert hall by 8.15pm. MPO has very strict policy about snapping photos in the concert hall once the concert starts. So we took the opportunity to snap photos right after we entered the hall.

M. Nasir started with slow numbers wearing suits. Not used to seeing him wearing that kind of formal attire. Then, there's 20 minutes intermission break before M.Nasir re-entered and this time wearing some weird red shirt which looked more like a blouse. Don't like it, he could worn something better. This round have more fast numbers. He even by pass the typical MPO protocol when he asked all of us to stand, sing and dance with him. I love that moment. Despite feeling really tired after a long day, some how he managed to get me on my feet and move with the music.

Overall, it was worth the rush. Love the adlibs M.Nasir did in between songs. That differentiate between singers and entertainers. I come to see M.Nasir cause he entertains. If I were to listen to songs, I could have just listen to a CD. The interractions he had with the orchestra conductor named Kevin was hillarious!

My only complain was he did not sing my all time favourite, Tanya Sama Itu Hud Hud. Otherwise, that night could have been perfect!

All in all, I'll give this 4 stars. Look forward to more concerts in MPO!

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