Monday, July 30, 2012

Europe Adventure ~ Gutentag from Black Forest, Germany

The next half of the European adventure is a bit tricky. All the travelling was done via land transportation hence we engaged a tour company to provide all of our transport. I have done my math and it's cheaper that was considering transport in Europe is super freaking expensive. However, no way we wanna throw away our freedom so  what we do is still what we choose to do.

We took a flight from Barcelona to Zurich. Again, we got to go to the airport using a posh car, something we will never experience in Malaysia, not until we reach certain level of financial status. We went to airport via taxi, read Peugeot. Don't ask me which model, all I know I don't think I can get similar opportunity ever.

So, we arrived at the airport close to midnight. Our transport will only arrive around 8am in the morning so the most sensible thing to do would be to sleep at the airport. FYI, before we decide to sleep in any airport, we would do our homework first. Yes, there's a website for this, It will tells you whether it's safe to do so to even recommend you which spot you can get some zzzzs.

Once we are awake, we grab some breakfast as it will be a long journey from Zurich to Germany. First stop was Black Forest, Germany. It's about 2 hours from Zurich. It's famous for the clock making apart from their food which almost everything is non halal. When we arrived there, you won't believe what we saw. It was SNOWING! In SUMMER! Yes, in SUMMER! I guess my better half's prayers were answered, he has always wanted to see snow and snow he gets! Even the locals were surprised seeing this. They told us, we brought the snow with us. It was so cold that we have to find gloves. Did not bring any cause it's summer and it's not supposed to be this cold.

Enjoy some photos here, it's simply amazing.

Black Forest is not the only German city we went to. Later, we will also visit a city called Cologne. For now, we will be making our way to Rhine Falls, Switzerland. And you won't believe how clear the water in the river is.

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