Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Europe Adventure ~ London is a must!

From Liverpool we are now off to London. This time we choose to take the train, just to add the varieties of transportation we experience in Europe. The train ride took about 3 hours crossing awesome views, green all the way. Just amazing. We arrived at Euston Station and took another train to Bayswater where we will be staying for 2 nights.

Why Bayswater? Cause it's such a strategic place to be. Halal food is everywhere, it's overlooking Hyde Park, near train and bus station as well as convenience stores. The moment we arrived, we left our bags at the hotel and started our London journey. We went to many places, Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Harrods and of course Oxford Street. I always feel safe in London, I have no issue to be walking outside even after dark.

The next day was more exciting! At least to me lah. We went to BICESTER! It's a must to go to this place if you are in London. The prices of branded stuff are super cheap. Some say cause it's off season but I'm not a fashion concious person, so, don't really care about the seasons. As long as it looks nice and the price is right, I'll grab it. We took a train and got on the free shuttle bus to get to there. I got myself a Gucci bag, one pair of Tod's Shoes, many shirts for my better half and shoes for him and my dad, Clarks of course. I went crazy at Hackett, I think my better half looks hot in Hackett shirts and bought kids clothing. My better half kept on reminding me this is only our first country and we have 8 more countries to go but how can you resists shopping in Bicester. I was obviously prepared, I packed light so I can put more stuff in.

Our final day in London, we decided to just walk around our hotel area. We spent few hours in Hyde Park, walking around and enjoying the view. The weather was really awesome and you can see people jogging, taking their dogs walking and some were having picnic. Hyde Park has always been a place I love. This has be the place my family would go to everytime we go to London when I was much younger.

Yes, we will be back. And this time around we'll bring our kids with us. In fact, I have started my planning to bring them next year Insyallah...

Next stop, Dublin. But, next entry will not be that just yet. I'll share some tips and experience while we were in UK. Perhaps it can benefit those who wants to go there :)

Signing off,


Ayu said...

Eh Kak Liza kat London sampai bila? Enjoy ur trip in London, kalau ada sini lagi boleh jumpa :)

atty's said...

beshnya liza dpt jalan2 kt london.. :)

Liza said...

Ayu ~ was there early May before pegi other Europe countries. Insyallah, next time kalau akak sampai lagi boleh jumpa

Atty ~ best Atty, byk benda nak buat