Monday, May 18, 2015

The entrepreneur blood in him

For those who knows me, would know how I love to be involved in business. I just love doing transactions and earning income from this. I have been doing this since I was in school. When there's opportunity arise, if possible, I will grab it.

When my better half shared his passion more than 10 years ago to open his own business, I fully support that. My better half works hard and very creative. He will do well doing his own project. Yes, employment provides security however, self employment if done right and if you are lucky provide security and satisfaction. I must say, however, it's not easy.

After saving money for 10 years, he finally got the courage to open his own mini market. He intentionally open it in Simpang Renggam, Johor so he can also share this opportunity with his sister and her husband. After working with one company for more than 20 years, he tendered his resignation after Raya last year. Some may not see it yet, but I believe it's the best decision he has ever made.

 It has been good Alhamdulilah however not all smooth sailing. Issues with manpower (not so much about the number of person he needs, more on trust), time management, vendors among others filling up his days. Yes, some may say it's nice to be your own boss, however, when you are an entrepreneur, you are not only your own boss, you are also your own kuli.

There are good days, there are bad days. As his wife, I give him fullest support. I want to see him succeed so whatever I can do, I will do it.

And today, he has expanded from mini market to also being distributors for kerepek. He started that more than 2 weeks ago, Alhamdulilah, the outcome has been overwhelming. He manages his time between the mini market, collecting kerepek from supplier, packing it, taking orders and delivering it. I can see he is tired but his determination amazed me.

What I can say to the ecosystem of new entrepreneurs, if you can't make it easier on them, please don't make it harder than it is. Especially for those who have just started, we should understand if they are not able to make time for you. The least you can do is to try and schedule whatever events around their schedule. And please don't think they are trying to be arrogant. They are not, they are just trying to gain back the capital they spent to start the business.

My better half is an amazing man. He tries very hard to make everyone happy that I feel sometimes people are just taking advantage of him. I know he tries very hard to balance everything, some people tend to forget he is just human after all. And as his wife, I hate to see his heart gets broken and to see the sadness in his eyes. Unfortunately, I am not as forgiving as he is. I feel like, you mess with him, you mess with me and I take longer time to be healed.

Enough of that. So, call for action for this entry :

1. If you are in Simpang Renggam area, drop by Azman Hamzah Mini Market. Get your groceries there as well as other household supplies. If you want to know the location, like Azman Hamzah Mini Market Facebook.

2. If you want to buy kerepek and consume it immediately or want to order for Raya, just call or whatsapp him at 0196976174. He offers many types of kerepek at very competitive price. And if the order is alot, he will deliver it himself for free to certain areas in Klang Valley.

Thanks everyone for your support. My better half has been working very hard all his life providing good life for us, this is his time to do what he loves the most. It's his time to shine and I know he will be a huge success.

And to all homo sapiens out there, related or not related to us, try not to have ill feeling when you see others are doing well. And don't step on them when you see them falling. Allah is great. What goes around comes around. If you want to succeed as well, work hard towards it. Don't build your success by taking people down. Rezeki di tangan Allah, bukan di tangan manusia...

Closing statement, jangan lupa order kerepek suami saya!

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