Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Life After Isyraf

After 14 years of the last pregnancy, it feels like the first one. Someone told me it's like riding a bike, that person lied. Handling a baby is nothing like that at all. And yes, that's life after Isyraf came to our world.

When I got to know I am pregnant, the whole family was excited. Especially Baby who have been bagging me for a little brother for the last 3 to 4 years. One time she got upset when I told her no, we are not having any. And she said "Am I part of this family, why am I not consulted".

We got to know I am pregnant during last year's Ramadhan. And when I had my first check up, it was 5th day of Raya. The whole family went including my Abah and Mummy. It was a wonderful news for us, everyone just want to be part of it.

That moment, Isyraf had already changed our life. We were excited to welcome him. My better half however not wanting for us to prepare too early. Though he said "tunggulah, ada orang bagi hadiah nanti" deep down inside he just don't want to jinx it. I am above 35 and it can be high risk pregnancy so he just want to take care of me and making sure both Isyraf and I are doing well.

The moment we welcome Isyraf in our world, things changed so much. Isyraf is one lucky baby. He is love by everyone around him especially his brother and sisters to the point that they are spoiling him. He makes any sound no matter how tiny the sound is, the sibblings started running to him to make sure he is alright. When he cries, everyone wants to carry and console him. When we go out to the mall, all four(yes, my better half included) rushing to push his stroller. When he cries for milk, no one ever complain they have to stop what they do and make milk for him. Bath time is the best. Everyone will help to prepare his clothes, bath cream and powder as well as his diapers. Then it's like an unofficial family gathering where they just sit and watch I give him a bath.

Yes, life has changed for us. When we go out, it's not like before where we just go. We have to prepare Isyraf's bag, make sure we brought hot water in thermos, enough supply of diapers and wet tissues, extra clothes among other items. We also quite selective where we go. Kids will do research to make sure the place is baby friendly. When we eat if Isyraf is not sleeping, we take turns to look after him. Alhamdulilah, so far when we go out Isyraf behaves well and we get to have our meals together.

Isyraf has definitely changed our life for the better. There's so much love at home, so much laughter, fun and happiness. I could not ask for more. Alhamdulilah....

I am forever thankful for all the blessings....

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