Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies ~ Greed Kills *Spoiler Alert*

I am not a fan of sci-fi kind of film or books. Not into Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of The Ring dan sewaktu dengannya. However, being a mom with 3 kids who follow this kind of movies, plus a husband who also enjoy this genre, I am oblige to follow. If I am given a choice, I would rather drown myself reading some romantic books (or some friends call it a Bimbo books so be it) or watch another romantic comedy movie at the next hall) One of the many sacrifices a mom has to do.

So when the kids begged me to take them to watch the latest edition of The Hobbit, I gave in. Made online reservation(and got RM20 discount for it! Woot! Woot!) and told the kids we will be leaving right after solat maghrib. With my condition, I don't really like to pray at public surau. I try to manage my outdoor activities based on prayers time so we don't have to perform prayers away from our home). However, timing is rigid as we only have less than an hour of traveling plus parking and purchase of popcorn time combined.

I must confess, I hate violence kind of movies or series (as opposed to my better half who prefers the-more-people-die-the-better kind of movies). More than 50% of the time throughout the movie, I was either closing my eyes, hiding behind my husband or pretend to look down). When I was looking at the screen, I realised I learned some positive values from the movie.

How greed in leaders will cause serious damage to the country. How Thorin, despite warnings from his team on what had happened to his grandfather, still fell into the same trap of prioritising guarding the gold and entered into war then compromise and share with the rest of the nation. This is when greed took over a man, a leader who has always been reasonable and put the needs of his people before his.

Thorin is fortunate. He has followers who are still willing to tell him when they think he is wrong. "You sit here with a crown upon your head, yet you are less than you were before". How Fili and Kili are not willing to hide behind the fort when the rest of the dwarves are fighting their battle. How many of us are willing to stand up when they feel their leaders are wrong. And the most important question, how many leaders are willing to listen and consider changing when they are told that they are wrong.

Different from the dragon slayer, Bard the Bowman, he said something like this "We must look to our own. We must care for those who are injured" When he negotiated with Thorin, he did not do it just for him. Even at first the elves leader, Thranduil, decided to go into war as he did not see the point of negotiating, Bard pleaded to be given one chance to negotiate. If Thorin is a man of his word, Bard don't even have to negotiate. And there will be no war among the goods and they can join forces and fight the evil forces. Somehow, this situation sounds familiar huh?

I am glad Thorin came to his senses (and he no longer wear the crown). Before he died, *spoiler alert* he said something like this "If more people valued above gold, this world would be a merry place".

And of course being someone who enjoys romantic movies, when Kili died *another spoiler alert*, the heartbroken Tauriel said "If this is love, I do not want it. Take it from me. Please. Why does it hurt so much". Oh my oh my, menikam kalbu!!!

So, yes, amazingly I survived this movie and bonus points, I learned something from it! 

Lepas ni kita tengok cerita Mama pulak yer....

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