Friday, December 26, 2014

Social Experiment - Viva vs Starex

It always puzzled me how people are always quick to assume. I am sometimes are guilty of this as well. So, I decided to social experiment.

I am not into cars. I think this one of the few traits in me which connected me to the women side. I identify cars by either cantik or tak cantik, or the colours of the cars. And that's that. Don't ask me about the engine performance, fuel consumption or pick up best tak? No idea, no clue.

We have 2 cars. One is for town drive and I am always the one using this car, Viva. I do have this accountant DNA in me, I don't invest in things that depreciate. And car is one of them. I buy cars for the practicality and as long as I don't feel embarrass driving it. Via is a good deal. Easy to park due to the size.

The other car we have is more for long distance drive and for family travel. We decided on that car so that we can bring both of our parents on road trips. Before that, if we bring one parents, we have to leave the other. Now, all can come! Good deal!

However, what I noticed, how differently people treat us just as they see us arriving in different type of cars. Wanted to prove a point, I decided to come with different car to a same event, at the same hotel.

First day, I arrived in Starex. My better half dropped me off and the moment he drove by the lobby, I was immediately greeted with someone opening the door for me and wishing me Good morning in a very warm manner. It felt really good, like a VIP. He even asked me which function I was heading to and gave me the direction to the function room.

Second day, we arrived at the same hotel, this time in a Viva. And as predicted, no one came to the door. No warm greetings, not even offering to give directions to the function room. I am still the same person, coming to the same hotel, dressed the same way just arriving in a different car. Just look how drastic the change in treatment. Interesting.

The same thing when we arrived in luxury branded boutiques. If I come after work, all dressed up in my office suit, nice shoes, branded handbags, I am welcomed like a potential customer, being showed around and given the privilege to touch and feel the shoes or handbags. However, I visited the same boutique, on weekend, wearing my jeans and blouse, normal weekend bags and just sandal, I am being monitored as if I am about to shoplift and the look given to me, "You can't afford this, why don't you just leave and go to where you belong". How shallow huh?

This made me reflect, I should not fall into this same trap and assume the economic status has direct correlation with the way people dress. What's the point of dressing like a million dollar person when you have only RM5 in your purse. And imagine losing million dollar customer just because s/he dressed like someone who can't afford to buy things.

Yes, every experience in life has lessons. If only we think hard enough to learn from it :).

Have a great weekend all!

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Azrine Aziz said...

Couldnt agree more with u kak...yes these people with shallow minded..sorry for them.