Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Online Business, to do or not to do

I have this issue. This issue usually happens when I am bored, or upset about something or frustrated when something don't go my way. And this is when I start to create new projects. Personal projects on my own. Usually it does not involved profit making elements, however, I thought of embarking into something different. Coupled with a natural entrepreneurship blood running in my better half's veins, we are experimenting to start our own online business.

After going to UK 3 years in a row, I see lots of business ideas. How branded items sold in UK are very much cheaper than sold here in our country. It's cheaper by at least 30% to 40%. Not everyone is concern about seasons and being up to date with fashion, so our target audience should be those who just want to have a feel on what it's like to own a Prada, Tod's, Gucci among others. Don't get excited yet people, we are still toying with this idea, nothing concrete yet.

Apart from that, baby's stuff are also lower in prices compared to those sold here. Avent bottles, Mothercare products, Fisher Price products are the items I have in my mind. It's like fulfiling my wishlists, buying branded baby's stuff. When our kids were growing up, we can't afford all those and settled with generic brand. So, it's a pleasure to make it affordable for those who can only dream to own one.

Another potential exploration are items from Indo China like Vietnam, Cambodia to name a few. Textiles would be the must have. Bandung used to be textile heaven however, recent years show textiles in Bandung are getting more expensive. It's not as cheap as it was before. So, market moves to Indo China.

No, I am not leaving my job and don't plan to this near future. I love what I do. This idea should it's materialised will be spear headed by my better half and I will play the supporting role. Putting my accounting knowledge into practise as well as learning more on how to market via social media. 

Again, this idea is still very much premature. Still in WIP stage. Lots of research and feasibility study needs to be done before we jump into this. I am excited though to launch this project. 

Doa2kan lah yer kawan2 :)

Signing off,

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