Thursday, April 4, 2013

Oh, I so wanna be Donna!

For those who watch Suits series would know what I am referring to. I actually enjoy watching court drama or investigative kind of series. I think the first court drama I watched was LA Law. I can still recall the series montage where the car boot was close and have LA Law license plate on it. That was so cool back then.

I also love watching Law & Order, CSI (my favourite now is the NY version as Horatio is getting too annoying and CSI Vegas without Grissom just lost the magical touch), Blue Blood (still can't believe Danny Whalberg of NKOTB has no hair!), The Good Wife, NCIS to name a few. Can't watch Criminal Mind though, too explicit for me. Scary!

So when Suits started, I fell in love immediately. Harvey the cocky lawyer, who is so full of himself and yet see talent beyond just a piece of paper called degree (and it has to be from Harvard, mind you), or Mike, A Harvey wannabe however, tried to show he has more integrity than him when he is turning into Harvey by day, or Louis, the guy the whole office love to hate, we have one like that in every office kan. Or for the ladies, wanting to be Jessica, an iron lady who have to keep on proving herself, Rachel who can easily be a top lawyer just by using her dad's name but decided to work her way up. Or your choice is like me, Donna, the awesome and amazing PA for Harvey. Her character is the most interesting one, in my opinion at least. The way she speaks, how she handles stressful situation, how she zasss back those who tried to be funny, is just so different. At times, when I watch her scene and relate it back to the work I do, I would secretly wish, why didn't I respond to some not so pleasant individuals the way Donna did. 

Suits also shows what office politics are all about. Would not want to elaborate on that since I am sure for those who are in working world would know what I am referring to.

I love Suits and can't wait for Season 3 which will start in June/July. As always, the end of Season 2 is another cliff hanger and a steamy cliff hanger indeed. That filing room scene which I am sure it will not be shown in Malaysia.

For those who have yet to see it, watch lah in channel 702, Diva. Can't remember when and what time, sila rujuk laman sesawang Astro.

Yes, I so wanna be Donna.

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