Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My princess turns 15!!

Today, though my princess celebrates her big day, I am the one who are feeling so old. How can I have a 15 year old girl, how did she get so big! And how did I get so old! Don't worry, this entry is not about me, it's my princess's big day so let this be about her.

Amira, fits the name which means princess and she is indeed our first born princess. When I got to know I was pregnant, the feelings were just to surreal. Nothing can ever described it. And how bless my better half and I felt, and nervous at the same time, not knowing what to expect.

When I delivered Mira, I was 21 years old. While others are still berjimba2, there I was in labour room fighting for my life, nearly 20 hours of labour pain to welcome our bundle of joy. She was just the cutest baby ever (yes, all parents say this to their babies, I got to say this 3 times Alhamdulilah). I can see my better half shivering while he whispered qamat to her small tiny ears. And that was one of the most wonderful moment in our life.

Mira has always been adventurous. She is not afraid to try new things. When she learned how to walk, she practised and practised for hours. She woke up in the middle of the night and kept on practising in the playpen until she gets it right. I was pregnant at that time with Ilham and I can sense that Mira just want to walk before her baby brother comes into this world.

Being a sister at such a young age helped Mira to mature faster. She is very independent. She not only can take care of herself, also of her siblings. However, surprisingly, as she gets older, she is more manja than Ilham and Baby. Perhaps making up the time being the adult in our family way ahead than schedule.

Mira is always so smart, always top of her class, getting straight As and now her smart streak continues byt being in Dean's List for 2 years in a row. I always wonder how she gets so smart, I don't think she gets this from me. Convinced it's from her Papa.

One thing about Mira, she is very stubborn. If she believes in something, she will do what she can to prove her point. Like now how he craze for K-Pop has been going on for nearly 3 years. No matter how others hate this, she ignores all the non believers and still feel this so called music is the best in the world. And being a smart person, she can now speak a bit of Korean just by learning the songs. Speaking and understand Korean mind you! And of course annoying the whole house along the way.

And today Mira is 15, she is a teenager. A very pretty young lady which worries my better half so much. What if she starts to have boyfriends, and when she starts to bring boys home to be introduced to us. Are we ready for that, or better yet, is her Papa ready to accept that his princess is all grown up. And of course, the biggest challenge is to get through Ilham who is obviously more protective towards his sisters than my better half.

Happy birthday my dearest princess sayang Mama, Mira. We all love you to the max and will always be proud of you. Our prayers for you to be successful in whatever you do and strive the best results for your PMR. Also to be anak yang solehah who are able to continue praying for us when we are no longer in this world.

Happy birthday Princess...May Allah continue to protect and bless you always...

Signing off,

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