Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Endless battle to loose weight

I must confess, I am one of the most not discipline person I know. I wish I am more organised so that I can keep my life in order. I love structure in the way I do things, but at times, there are a couple hit and miss. Some think I am being too hard with myself but from the bottom of my heart, I totally acknowledge this is one of the things I seriously need to work on.

Let's see some facts in my effort trying to overcome this greatest challenge in my life. It's like a monologue I have with myself :)

#1 Myth vs Fact
Myth ~ Busylah, got no time to exercise. Morning meeting, afternoon meeting, evening meeting. Balik rumah do housework then pengsan

Fact ~ It doesn't take more than 20 minutes of my so called precious time. I spend more time on social media, So, 20 minutes should not be a big issuelah Liza

#2 Myth vs Fact
Myth ~ People around me sabotage my dietlah. Always like to ask me go out for makan, tempt me with food, how to diet like this

Fact ~ It's your mouth that food is entering, your teeth use to chew it, you stomach to digest. So, which part of it that require people to force you to eat. You can just politely say no thanks or still follow but order just sugarless drinks or fruits

#3 Myth vs Fact
Myth ~ I enrol in races so that I can push myself to practise and exercise. Otherwise, I will drop dead lah when I run

Fact ~ Yes, you did enrol but then you did not show up. Cause you claimed you are too busy on weekends, when you know you can manage your time better. Come on Liza, stop giving yourself excuseslah

#4 Myth vs Fact
Myth ~ Malaysia's weather not good lah. At times too hot, at times it rains. And with current safety issue, not safelah to run.

Fact ~ If you remember very well, you bought elliptical machine 2 years ago. Just do a mental count how many times have you use it. It's an achievement if the frequency is more than total fingers you have. 

#5 Myth vs Fact
Myth ~ It's my genes, I can do whatever I want to loose weight but my genes are as such, nothing much can be done

Fact ~ What a total load of crap! You were only 53kg before, and you have proven you can loose 8kg within 4 months if you want to. So, what genes again??

I know, I know. I am full of excuses. I can do this if I want it real bad. If I don't do it, perhaps I don't want it bad enough. New mantra ~ ignore the temptation, exercise consistently!

And Baby told me a good quote from her favourite cartoon series, Boboiboy couple of days ago 

"Batu ini macam alasan kamu. Nah, batu dah dibuang jauh2, alasan dah hilang" *or something like that, she did it better*

Happy Tuesday peeps, let's at least try to lead a healthy life shall we?

Signing off,

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