Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We Never Learn, Do We?

Before I start, please be informed this entry is more for me to remind myself. It'll be good if people I care about would also get some takeaways so that we know how to take care of ourselves, our family and to stay safe.

Have you read the news yesterday. The headline speak for itself.

"Car stolen with child inside"

How can we continue to be so careless. This is not the first incident children were left unattended in a vehicle with the engine running. And this is not the first time children were abducted just because we were rushing for something. It's fortunate in this incident the child was left unharmed. I can't even imagine what would happen to the child if the perpetrators would do something really bad to her. Alhamdulilah, in this case, all went well.

However, not everyone can be as lucky. So, parents (me included). Learn from this and please let this be the last case we hear.

Let's also remind ourselves, never to put our bags on the passenger seats, be it on our left or at the back while we are driving. Put it at the car boot. It may be inconvenient but at least it's safer. Smash and grab is happening on daily basis, we all read it somewhere, either from the newspaper or via social media. So, why do we still do this. I know, I am guilty at times, again due to rushing for something and so far I have been lucky and have not been added to the statistics. 

One more thing, motorcyclists. Why do you make your handbag visible? This is really dangerous. Snatch thieves have no mercy. They kill if they have to. They will not hesitate to push you off the moving bike and may lead you loosing your life. Again, this has happened many times, yet, we still hear about this. Even yesterday, while I was driving home from work, I saw few who did just that. Why oh why?

So, why do we still do this? Why do we still make the same mistakes which have harm others? 

We Never Learn, Do We?

Signing off,

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Liza said...

True... Anything may happen. Just be more careful