Monday, March 25, 2013

People will always have something to say

I think it's an open secret we live in a society where no matter what we do, there'll be leading questions that will follow. Like when we are single, we'll be asked when are we getting married especially if our peers or worse our siblings are married. Then when finally found the one and get married, of course we'll be asked when we plan to have kids. When we have kids one after another, we'll be asked if we don't have anything better to do, asik beranak jer. And when we stop producing, we'll be asked when are we having the next one. Muda lagik, beranak lah banyak2. Yes, it will never stop!

I love traveling. I prefer to spend my money on seeing places rather than buying materials stuff. I love observing people's culture, enjoying their food (though can be a challenge to find halal version for certain food) and seeing their way of life. That is why our family travel every year to some where. No, not because we are filthy rich, it's more because we spend our money towards that route.

I was asked couple of days ago in a very sarcastic manner, the question goes like this. 

A : Keje pangkat tinggi, takkan bawak Viva jer. 
Me : Viva pun ok. It gets me to where I need to go.
A : Ye lah, jalan sampai Europe, takkan takde duit nak beli kereta best skit. Nanti pegi meeting, pangkat Chief tapi bila parking tengok naik Viva jer
Me : Well, I just don't invest on things that depreciate (being a typical accountant)

Just when I thought holding high position in an organisation is enough, actually. not really. Now I am being judge by the car I drive, what clothes I wear, what handbag I use (I finally bought a Prada, not because I succumb to pressure, more because the design is so nice and the price was cheap for a Prada), where I eat and so on. When the actual fact is, all this comes from my hard earned money.

We prefer to spend our money taking our kids around the the world. We prefer to invest on something that appreciate, just that we don't announce it to the whole world. We prefer to eat at home, trying recipes of food which we feel it's too expensive to be consumed outside. That is just how we choose the way we live our lives. And we are happy with our choices.

So, people, don't be loosing sleep over what people think of you and qestioning the way you lead your life. They don't know you, they don't know what makes you happy, they don't know anything actually. They can just talk and comment. At times, they may not own any mirror at home if you get what I mean ;)

I am happy, my better half is happy, my kids are happy, my parents and inlaws are happy. And to me that's all that matters. 

Nota tapak kaki - blogging makes me happy. I plan to do it more frequent, Insyallah.

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Well said.

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