Wednesday, March 20, 2013

And it's time to go

As we are packing and about to leave the apartment which we have been staying in for the last 10 days in Bayswater, London, I reflect on how this trip is the best trip I have had so far. It's not the first time I'm in London but it's the first time I am in London with my kids. My better half was in London with me last year, so this year, it's just awesome having all four of them with me. And this is also a demo to see if the decision I am about to meet is something they are ok with. 

This 12 days, we spent most of the time together. Except for few days that I have to go for classes, the rest was 24/7 with my family. No distraction. We talked and shared so much. We laughed and cracked jokes. We shopped and enjoyed walking. Yes, we walked A LOT! Which is a normal thing when you are in Europe.

Now, it's time to leave. Though we miss home, I can say that I am sad that we are leaving. I have always love London and of course my love is extended to Oxford, the place I can imagine I live in. I am already planning to come back, and I have not left yet!

Bye London! Bye UK! We shall be back!

Signing off,

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