Sunday, March 31, 2013

Loving my MBA Journey!

When I was thinking through whether I should start enroling myself for MBA, there were loads of considerations came to my mind. Whether I can cope with my life as a wife and a mom, whether my brain can still receive any learnings as I considered myself old and my brain can be quite rusty, not to mention my brain memory capacity may have reached the threshold and may not be able to absorb any new stuff. To be honest, work was not of my concern at that time, was going through rough journey at work and to put it nicely, I got no work at all! :)

So, I applied for 3 universities, 2 local and 1 oversea that has a campus here in Malaysia. I was thinking I'll decide whether I should go through with this or not when I get accepted. Apply dulu, belum tentu dapat. Dah dapat baru pikir larat ke tak.

To my surprise, I got accepted to all 3 universities. Yes, I have self esteem issue. Never thought I am good enough to be accepted, especially by a foreign university that has good ranking in the world. How can I say no to this. So, I decided to pursue.

I can't say it's easy, it's very hard actually. Juggling so many things at the same time. Trying to be a good wife, mom, daughter, inlaw, boss, colleague, employee to name a few of my roles in life. Some may empathise and try to make the journey easier for me, while some just choose to be difficult, as to them it's not their problem. But the main thing is my better half is extremely supportive and always there to listen when I reach my breaking point. I am blessed as my current employer supports my dream and my boss is a good boss who gives me breathing space and try to make the journey less painful than it's already is.

However, I must say I am very lucky to have such amazing classmate. In my cohort, class of Jan 2012, I am the only female. My classmates are very helpful and at times protective of my well being. They care genuinely and the best thing is we acknowledge we are here to learn and not to out do each other. This makes the journey less stressful. We remind each other to make sure everyone attends classes, we also help if any of us are stuck with our assignment or exam preparation. Yes, I am definitely bless to be together with amazing individuals from all walks of life as my classmates. 

The last 3 days were fun actually. Managing International Business System is the name of the subject and sounded complicated. But, thanks to all my classmates, I enjoyed every minute of it despite feeling the stress at certain point, especially pressured to digest 5 case studies and doing research to know how to tackle each and every one of it!

I always reminded myself, with good nawaitu, Insyallah akan dipermudahkan...

2.5 semesters down, 3 more semesters to go! Closer to my dream studying in Oxford!

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