Sunday, March 24, 2013

She'll forever be our Baby *though she is 12 today*

For those who knows us would know we call our youngest as Baby. We have been calling her that since the day she was born and that name has been stuck with her. In fact, she calls herself Baby too. And today, this Allah gift to us turns 12, and how we wish we can slow down the time knowing she is growing up way too fast.

I still can recall very clearly the night I delivered Baby. We were lucky salary came in early that month, March 2001. We just finished our last minute shopping for baby's stuff. Since two of our older kids are not that far apart from Baby, most of their items can still be used which means we don't have to worry too much about additional expenses. Back then, our income was not that high. We rely so much on our monthly salary, it's the only time we can buy things beyond our day to day expenses.

I remembered I was at my parent's house. It's a normal practise, wherenever I am about to deliver, I will be at my parent's home. It made the logistic arrangement much easier. Should I need to rush to hospital in the middle of the night, Mira and Ilham's well being are well taken care off. 

That night I was watching Academy Award's delayed telecast (back then, there's no live telecast of such event), around 2am. I can feel the pain on my abdomen but it was not that bad and I can still tahan. But when the contraction suddenly become few minutes separated, I don't feel too good about it despite knowing the pain was not that great compared to my earlier pregnancies. I am lucky my mom is a nurse and she can tell. So, she knows the time has come for us to greet this new bundle joy into our life. She kept on reminding me not to push, or face the risk of delivering at the traffic light near Motorola. I don't want my child's place of birth stated as at some junction or under some bridge. Tak bestlah!

We arrived at the hospital at 3.30am and Alhamdulilah, Aliya came into our life at sharp 4am. We welcomed yet another blessing from Allah. Aliya completes us as one family.

Raising Aliya is not hard. Aliya is always curious and she speaks her mind. Like today, when she saw there's a clown at her birthday, she was not too happy about it. She said to me, this party is to celebrate her birthday, her input counts and she should be consulted since her friends are the major population of the party. Yes, that's Aliya for you.

Aliya is not girlish. She don't own any dolls, Barbie or another brand. She loves WWE wrestling, that she wanted to have that as her birthday theme, which of course I bluntly disagree to. She loves adventure like riding on roller coaster or a bicycle. She enjoys all that. Aliya used to be a picky eater when she was younger. Alhamdulilah we managed to solve that situation. She now enjoys her food. To Aliya, seeing is believing. Talk all you want, but talk is cheap.

Those who knows Aliya would realised how unique she is. She is resourceful, love to challenge and being challenged. Aliya loves challenging herself too, a go getter indeed.

And today, my sweet little manja busuk Aliya is 12. Still the same Aliya who is smart, attentive and willing to challenge herself in doing this she knows she can't do. That's our Aliya aka Baby.

Dear Aliya - we wish nothing but your happiness and success. We want Aliya to be great in whatever she does. Aliya knows what she wants and she'll find ways to achieve this. Very minimal guidance required. On the other hand, Aliya kuat merajuk! Sentap saje!

Heres's wishing our dearest Aliya for her happiness in this world and here after. And Ya Allah please protect her, open her heart not to miss any prayers, and never neglect her family. As I see her progressing, Aliya carries her own identity and branding. Aliya is not afraid to be different. 

Papa, Mama, Kakak and Abang loves you so much. Jangan kuat merajuk ok! And Aliya will forever be Baby Kecik Mama....May Allah protects you always..Amin....

Happy 12th birthday Baby kecik Mama....

Signing off,

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