Saturday, June 16, 2012

Blogging again with a twist

I know, I haven't been writing for quite some time. In between then and now, so many things happen. Good things and not so good things. Would not want to call it bad, let's just call it lessons in life.

Well, in between then and now, many milestones happened :

1. Kicked off 3 major initiatives, as far as work wise
2. Finally, fulfilled one of the biggest dream I have, to tour some of the countries in Europe with my better half. 20 days, 9 countries, 14 cities to be exact
3. Took kids to Ipoh and JB for short break
4. In the study department, completed 1st semester. 4 more semester to go. Itu pun kalau tak kantoi paper

So, in between now and maybe tonight, depending the amount of clothes I need to fold after putting that on hold to prepare for the exam, I will be writing about the journey, some recipes, few movies reviews and some makan places we visited.

Sit back and hang on tight cause Liza is back in the blogging world. And this time, would most probably sustain the momentum after I realised how much I love doing this.

Have a good Saturday all. Be good!

Signing off,


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