Friday, June 22, 2012

This is me and that's just who I am

I don't mean to brag, but despite I don't really have that much traffic coming to my blog, I received severals messages asking why I have not been blogging for quite some time and why they can't access to my blog. Simple, cause I shut it down temporarily. Major reason is because I thought of giving it a face lift, considering I have not been blogging for a while. Another reason was to manage misconception about my blog.

However, I realised, misconception will continue to be there....

I love writing, and I love writing with my own style. I don't write for others, I write for myself. I write cause it makes me feel happy. I write cause I have this passion in me which I love to share with others. I write to express myself and I write because.....of too many different reasons for me to lists.

I write to share my traveling experience. I write to share my passion for cooking. I write when I explore new places for food. And I write mostly about my kids....Yes, I love writing. And when I write, I write from the heart.

I did quite few sessions of self reflections on my own lately. I reflect on how I have always been allowing others to shape who I am, how I should behave and to certain extend what I should love and who I should hate. Well, NO MORE!

If I don't feel like going out for meals with individuals whom I know don't want me to be there anyway, I won't. If I choose not to speak a word to those who have done nothing but spreading lies and hatred about me, I won't. If I choose not to defend myself towards accusation thrown about me, I won't waste my energy to do so, cause I know those who knows me well enough will not fall for those lies. Hence, those who did will be people I can make do without.

I want to continue writing. And I will continue writing. Those who knows me would know the caring person I am. How I will go the extra miles for people I call friends. How loyal I am towards people who have done so much for me. And how I never judged others just by what I hear. Yes, only those who knows me really well will not label me with negative thoughts.

I will continue writing...(and go ahead and call me emo, cause, yes I am. Too bad you have a problem with that)

Next change...

EUROPE TRIP ADVENTURES!!! Simple awesome!!!

Signing off,

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