Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Europe Adventure ~ You'll Never Walk Alone!! Liverpool

I have always love football. I love football ever since I was very little. This was of course influenced by my Abah. Being the only daughter, I was in a way forced to enjoy football however develop the tendency to love it. I still remember when I was much younger, staying up late with my Abah to watch the matches live and end up being a sleepy head in school. All in the name of football. (In fact I used to play football for my school's team :) )

That is why it will not make sense if I come to UK and not visit my favourite team of all time, Liverpool. I am a pure Liverpool fan and a genuine football nut too. I don't watch football cause the guys are perceived to be hot or because of Beckham and Ronaldo. I watch football cause I love the game. *by the way ladies, Beckham no longer play for MU in case you are not aware of that*

Our journey to Liverpool from Oxford was an exciting one. We took a coach from Liverpool to Birmingham before taking another coach to Liverpool. The bus terminal in Birmingham was a comfortable one equipped with Wifi connection. Even our LCCT is not close to their standard. The journey was really good. We got to surf the net in the bus all the way as well as get all of our gadgets charge.

Once we arrived in Lime Street bus terminal, we took a cab to where we are staying, a B&B called Sheil Suites. I love this place! Not only it's cheap, the room is nice and they provide free wifi. We just left our luggage and went straight to where else, Anfield which was about 15 minutes walk

I have pre booked 2 tickets for the stadium tour. I was here before however did not get the chance to do the tour. It was more meaningful to have to do the tour with my better half. He was such a good sport, knowing he doesn't really like football and have been supportive of my interests.The stadium was not that big. Our Bukit Jalil Stadium is double this size and better equipped. Even the changing room is such a simple one, not to mention the press conference room which look so nice on TV but in actual life, is a box size room with a table and backdrop. We were told the press have been told which angle they can take.

The trip will not be complete if I don't do my Liverpool shopping. We were few days earlier than the release of the latest jersey kit so did not get to have any. However, I must admit, I went crazy buying other Liverpool merchandise including new bed sheet for Ilham. (Yes, he supports Liverpool too and it was his own choice, no force, really!)

We went back to our B&B with my face beaming with such joy and feeling so satisfied. My next wish list would be to come here again, this time with my kids to watch a game. Actually, the original plan was for us to watch the Liverpool vs Chelsea game which was scheduled a day after our trip but we decided to give it a pass and do that Insyallah, soon. For dinner, we just had Maggie Mee, which was the best maggie mee I have tasted! (power of exegeration when you are hungry)

Yes, Liverpool was awesome only if you are a Kop or love Beatles. Otherwise, it's just a quiet town (yes, I'm not kidding you, it's REALLY quiet).

Next stop, London (and Bicester Villagelah!)

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