Tuesday, February 12, 2013

#Medan2013 ~ Eye Opening Family Holiday Experience

Started couple of years ago, since we can financially afford it, we started taking our parents for holidays. We took them separately, one trip for my parents, one trip for my inlaws. And so far, our travel has only been in Malaysia.

This year, acknowledging time constraint, me juggling with work, home and study, I suggested to my better half to take both of our parents for one same trip. He hesitated at first, afraid we may take more than we can chew. I convinced him otherwise. And to make it more interesting, let's go to Bandung & Jakarta.

However, after consulting friends, we changed our destination to Medan. More manageable it seems. Traffic not too bad. More suitable for much more senior traveller. So, Medan it is. 

I am not going to write about the whole 4 days 3 nights adventure. That can wait. I want to write what this trip taught me.

It taught me ;

1. How blessed I am to have 2 sets of parents who love me unconditionally. Who have been with me through good and bad times. Who supported me through my darkest hour. And at times I forgot all this and care too much about others who don't even matter. Those who choose when they would want to be with me. Those who choose to judge me and throw conviction without even wanting to understand the whole situation. I should stop giving this bunch of goons any airtime. 

2. How blessed I am to have a wonderful man I call husband. I watched him this 4 days taking care of both my parents and his. Making sure everyone is comfortable. This one time, our parents were tired and sat down to rest at Dunkin Donuts Medan Mall. My dad and mom wanted carbonated drinks and Dunkin don't serve them. He went on searching for that drinks until he managed to give them to my parents. Also, making sure they are safe and protected. I am once again convinced this is the man I want to grow old with. 

3. How blessed I am to have well behaved kids. Who don't throw tantrums, even when they were very little. Who are not demanding and follow the flow. Who have small requests like a dip in the pool or 2 hours of internet usage before off to bed. Ilham is like his Papa, making sure his grandparents are comfortable. All 3 made sure their grandparents were served when we have buffet meals. All Atosk, Wan and Nenek need to do is just tell them what they feel like eating and food is served! I am definitely blessed.

So, I know for sure, despite all the nonsense I have to deal with on daily basis at work (not to mention those who have nothing better to do than making my work difficult) or other places out of home, I will forever have an awesome family I can go home to, something not many people have. I have their unconditional love, see me for who I really am and not what's on my name card or some email announcement. Who will constantly have me in their doas, making sure I succeed in whatever I do (and I am pretty sure, I am who I am today because of their doas). Who have always been there when others disappear. 

In total,

Flight ticket - Approx RM3000
Tour Ground Package - Approx RM6000 (full board)
Shopping money for parents and self - RM5000

Total eye opening experience....PRICELESS.

Alhamdulilah, I am no doubt definitely blessed.

Signing off,