Monday, June 29, 2015

Leaving June and No Looking Back

I can't remember being really tired for a whole month like how I am tired in June. So many life events which caused me to be so exhausted, either physically or when handling the emotional roller coasters drama called life. I feel like everything has to happen in June ; death, siblings rivalry, business predicament, children's issues, work problems....You just name it. All happens in June. I should not however speak too soon since there are 2 more days left in June and I hope my drama streak is over, at least for this month.

I have this one issue. When things are wrong, I just have to say something. I can't just sit and be quiet and see all this wrongdoings happen, especially if it happens in our family, be it our core family and extended family. Many occasions I get in trouble for speaking my mind. However, one good thing is I have improved on this subject ; I can still tell myself, "Liza, this is not your place to say anything. You are an outsider. You are just the in-laws etc". However, couple of days ago, I just couldn't hold myself as the person who others are hurting is my better half. Sometimes, I feel many people are just not grateful for having such a wonderful person as a brother, who really takes care of them, never failed to be there when he is needed and will do everything he can to help his family. And again, I speak my mind and got into trouble...AGAIN!

My hope for July, though my lecturer once told me "Hope is not a strategy". Well, what can I do when hope is all I have ;

1. I am graduating in less than 2 weeks time. After 2 years trying to juggle and complete my studies, finally I am done. Alhamdulilah, though it has not been easy. Will I do it again, well, as crazy as it may sound, I think I will. #PhDFTW

2. We will be celebrating Aidilfitri abroad. First experience for the kids and my better half. After what we have experience, and maybe still experiencing depending how this couple of days will be, I secretly as glad we are not in the country on Raya days. I personally feel I just have to get away from few ungrateful individuals.

3. Kicking start the second half of 2015 and focusing to meet work related KPI. Last year was a horrible year as far as work is concern. This year so far looks promising, however lots of work need to be done to meet the numbers apart from driving high impact projects that will benefit the graduates in particular

Not to be over ambitious, I will just stick to the above for now. I, of course, have thousands of other hopes. That has to be saved for other times, or accurately other months to come...

So July, please be kind. I am tired, I am exhausted. I am drained. I need recharging and I hope you can do that wonders for me....Insyallah

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Spreading the wings of Ilmiya Enterprise

Many may not know, I have been in business with my better half for quite some time. In my previous working places, I used to sell Nasi Lemak and kuih for breakfast. That time, it was more to make ends meet. Alhamdulilah, it helped to cover the expenses of kids milk and diapers. Yes, it was tiring. We have to wake up at 4am to cook and pack. However, it was indeed satisfying.

My better half also used to have a stall that sells mee rebus and other Johor delicacies. That was another tiring phase in our life. Before we left for work, we had to prepare all the ingredients and the moment we are home from work, we quickly prepare all the related items for my better half to bring to the stall. He went to the stall while I stay home and take care of the kids and prepare the next day's ingredients. His stall was a hit and until now some customers still recognise him and missed his mee rebus, mee bandung and rojak. He got to stop the business as he got promoted and the work became more demanding.

When Raya approaches, for many years we were selling kerepek and kuih raya. Some we made on our own and some we got them from suppliers. I had many regular customers and the profit from the sales were kept in kids savings account so this can be used for their education. We have not been doing this business for few years due to my work load which require lots of traveling.

So now, with my better half left his job and he became an entrepreneur, we started this business journey again. And it goes without saying, I am part of it. I honestly am enjoying it.

Don't get me wrong, I do love my current job. My job gives me lots of satisfaction, nurturing young talents and guiding them to a suitable career path. Also giving chances to graduates who may not be as lucky as others in securing employment. However, there's something about having own business which are difficult to explain.

My better half opened his own Mini Market September last year. It was his long time dream and I am so happy when he got to fulfill it. And now he has expanded his physical shop to virtual presence. And I am of course a social media junkie, supporting him all the way. We are now selling more than just groceries items. We offer kerepek, snacks and also textile items aka kain ela. Alhamdulilah, so far things are heading towards positive response. We are of course long way to go before can even be defined as successful. Insyallah, we will get there one day.

Of course I need to end this with my pesanan dari penaja paragraphs. Please do follow us on FB at and We also have our own Instagram account, @IlmiyaEnterprise. If you are interested to order things we have to offer, don't be shy and whatsapp 0196976174. We will be more than happy to assist.

The journey is still very far. Insyallah, if we continue to work hard, we will get there eventually. And never forget to also pray hard. Allah is there to make it easy on us, Insyallah....

"Rabbi Yassir Wala Tu'assir, Rabbi tammim bil khair"
"Allahumma laa sahla illaa maa ja'altahu sahlan, wa anta taj'alul huzna idza syi'ta sahlaa."

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Day Out With The Kids

I am so happy today and I can't lie. I also can't pretend I am in deep depression after all that has happened the past couple of weeks. Yes, it scarred me but the important thing is I am still in one piece Alhamdulilah. No point pretending to be sad just to satisfy others or so that others don't judge me. Not my problem any way.

This weekend we decided to reward the kids. They have been very patient supporting us during difficult period we went through. While my better half and I running around settling so many errands, my 3 adorable kids helped to take care of Isyraf. Never once they complained though we know when Isyraf cries, he can really cry! My kids also helped to make sure our home is in order and few times they had to prepare their own food. I am so glad the training we gave them since they were small make them independent.

So this weekend it's all about them. Started Friday after work. My better half picked me up from work and we went straight for early dinner at Chilli's Citta Mall. Kids love to eat at Chilli's and it's been quite some time since we last had our meal here. One thing I observed, when they order food, they ordered in moderation keeping in mind "jangan membazir". Another positive attitude I see they are adapting.

And today, another day out with them. Started with breakfast at a random stall we stopped by. One thing about my kids, they are not fussy when it comes to where to eat, gerai, restaurants or hotel, all can one. After that, my better half had to run some errands. Life as entrepreneurs may seem to look easy, but actually there are challenges that come with it. We waited in the car while he settled what he needs to do.

What we had for lunch is the most interesting yet bizarre. We went to the durian buffet place in PJ and that was our lunch. It's located at Jalan Harapan, Section 19 PJ. Some may say, gila ke tengahari buta makan durian. Tak ke panas. Well, night traveling is not conducive for Israf so we had to settle for day travel. It was really good. Paid RM20 to makan durian sepuas2nya. I may not be a big durian eater but my better half and the kids really went all out and enjoyed the king of fruits. It was worth every ringgit paid!

One reason why we love taking the kids out, it's our opportunity to experience performing solat in mosques. We usually don't like to pray in shopping malls surau unless we have to. This time Zohor was at Masjid Wilayah when we made our way to Publika for tea.

I have been wanting to enjoy Boat Noodle. Didn't get to do so when I was pregnant and finally for the chance to try it today. One thing which I don't feel too great about this is the place is not ideal to bring Isyraf. Quite cramped for stroller to move, not to mention quite warm. We are glad we got a table right at the entrance so it's not too hot and ample space to put Isyraf's stroller. How's the food? For the price we paid, it was not too bad. Since we are still full from our durian fiesta, we didn't order that much. Even that is enough to make us feel kenyang giler. I love the Thai Iced Tea. Now I know what's the fuss about reading the reviews.

We asked the kids if they want to go home or go to other places and they chose to stop by Subang Parade. This time no food involved since we are super kenyang. Performed Asar at Masjid Subang Jaya and then proceed to Subang Parade. Ilham wanted to get some T-Shirts and the rest were just window shopping. We left after that so we can perform our maghrib at home, just in time by the way.

Yes, today has been good. Kids deserved this outing. They have been very accommodative and helpful. Yes, both my better half and I are still feeling sad, we did loss someone very dear to our life and my better half's shop got broken into the day after. However, life has to go on and what we can do is to continue to pray for all good things to happen. Moga Allah terus permudahkan...

Islam itu mudah. Jika anda memilih untuk berkabung, terpulanglah pada diri masing-masing. Adalah kurang bijak menghakimi orang lain hanya kerana mereka memilih untuk hidup gembira dan bahagia. Wallahu a'lam....

Friday, June 5, 2015

An emotionally draining week

This couple of weeks have been very challenging to me. So many things happening which at times made me want to just run as far as I can and disappear while wishing it will all go away. However, I kept reminding myself this....

“ Allah tidak membebani seseorang melainkan apa yang terdaya olehnya, ia mendapat pahala kebajikan yang diusahakannya dan ia juga menanggung dosa kejahatan yang dilakukannya (Al-Baqarah:286)
After 3 months of being 24/7 with Isyraf, it's time for me to return to work. I must confess, I was not ready to be away from him. Part of me feels like tendering my resignation so I can take care of my Isyraf while another part of me trying to be reasonable. My better half's business just started, one of us need to have steady income in case things get hard. And that's how I comfort myself.

Just when I started my first day of work, got a call from my mother in law, my brother in law got admitted in hospital and in critical condition. I was in an event and rushed home to pick my kids and went straight to Batu Pahat. What we feared the most happened, he lost his consciousness and was surviving on life support. We tried all we can to save him. We wanted to transfer him to private hospital so he can have better treatment, however the private hospital said his condition was really bad that even they can't do anything to save him. All we can do is pray he will gets better. That's when the family decided to take him home. And few days ago, we lost him.

And only when we thought things could not get any worse, we were wrong. While we are still mourning, my better half was tested again. This time, his shop got broken into. He was so kelam kabut leaving the day before, he forgot to take the money home. My only comfort is that happened while no one is at the shop, so no one got hurt, Yes, sometimes when bad things happen, we need to look at the bright side.

We just need to look forward and continue living. We can't change the past but if we are smart, we learn from the experience and improve ourselves. What I learned is never take any relationship for granted. You don't want to live with regrets, and to feel we could have done more to manage the relationship, like how both my better half and I are feeling, we could have done more for Arwah Din. We will continue to live with regrets....

I also learned the meaning of patience. Patience when being tested. Patience dealing with others in time of crisis. Patience and pray things will get better. And patience to know this too shall pass...

And for now, let's take it one step at a time....