Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Liza on the map ~ Langkawi, we will come back for more!

*This trip was back in March and only managed to blog about it 4 months after that. Better late than never!*

I love traveling. When I was younger (not too long ago), I used to travel to many places with my family. I love visiting other countries, learning their culture and of course, enjoying their food!

When I got married and started to have kids, traveling was never an option. With very limited budget, we did not get to go anywhere. However, the job scope given by my previous company involved traveling. This was the reason why the kids get to stay at hotels and enjoy the pool while Mama has to work. Of course, work travel is never fun!

When we know we can afford to travel, typically we will start planning for the year's travel by the 3rd quarter of the previous year. Eg, traveling plans for 2011 were made back in September 2010. Tickets were usually purchased during Matta fair or some crazy deals offered by MAS or AirAsia. So for 2011, we have marked Langkawi, Bandung, Beijing and Goldcoast as the places to look out for.

I was lucky as I did not purchased the Langkawi tickets early. There were rumours going around my company's family day will be in Langkawi. I was keeping my fingers crossed and the moment it was announced, I quickly went to all airlines to make price comparisons and managed to find good deals by MAS. Yeah! We are going to Langkawi!!!!

MBH and the kids have never been to Langkawi. I've been there couple of times and mostly due to work. So, knowing the whole family gets to go to Langkawi excite me.

When traveling with kids, I will make sure I plan carefully. Where to go, transportation, where to eat, where to shop are all very important. Considering we have very limited time there (3 days 2 nights are too short for Langkawi!) we really have to plan carefully.

One thing about the kids, when we are about to travel, to wake them up in the morning is so easy. One touch using my finger tip is all it needs. As opposed to all the screaming, yelling, banging and other physical movements to get them ready for school.

Fast forward, we arrived in Langkawi. I negotiated with the kids to allow me do my thing first, that is to purchased pinggans mangkuks. No, I am not a pinggans mangkuks freak! Fact ~ do you know I have never purchased any dining sets or yang sewaktu dengannya. The one I have at home is either our wedding gifts or some freebies we got when we buy washing detergent. Sad huh? So, sempatlah I bought penuh satu boot kereta.

Next, we checked in and decided to just chill in the hotel room. Next was the cable car ride. And let me tell, I don't know why I agree to this. No, I am not afraid of heights. I am just afraid of being at high places where only wires are the only thing to keep me from crashing down!. I keep on imagining the wire would snap and we will all fall! *paranoid giler*. But, when we reached the top, the view is to die for (so did the trip down, I nearly died and closed my eyes ALL the time!)

The next day was the best. We woke up early and took the island hopping package. We got to go to Tasik Dayang Bunting, feeding the eagle and the kids had their first snorkeling experience at some pulau (sorrylah, forgot the name). As this was our first time, we didn't bring any swimming attire (thanks to the tour agent for not telling us pfftrtt). The kids ended swimming and snorkeling wearing their jeans. And so did MBH. Me? I'd rather stay dry.

By the time we ended our tour, the kids were exhausted. We had late lunch and then went back to hotel. One of the thing we decided was not to visit any historical places. We can always do that next time. The remaining time was occupied with just pusing2 around town, stopping for meals (laksa and cendol are mandatory!) and just chilling enjoying each others company. Of course we went to Dataran Lang, the trip to Langkawi will not be complete if we don't go there.

Yes, it was a total 3 days 2 nights of quality time with the kids. I had some alone time with MBH as well, watching the sun set before the kids woke up...And all that is very necessary as few days after that, I went away to UK for 2 weeks....

What happened in UK? Next entry yer...(which I don't know when)

We enjoyed Langkawi and we will definitely be back!

Signing off,