Sunday, October 28, 2012

What is the real definition of fast food ~ Mcdonald's Senawang experience

At times, for the sake of convenience we opt to have fast food as our meals. Or at times, kids wish to have them. I am not saying it's a healthy choice, but I believe for things to be in moderation.

Let's examine the definition of fast food. According to wikipedia, fast food is the term given to food that can be prepared and served very quickly. Noticed I enlarge the word prepared and served very quickly. Yes, dah nama fast food. It could not be more literal meaning than that.

Why am I dwelling into that definition so much. Cause today, fast food is not even close to the word fast. In fact, it's like watching paint dry.

We had a busy schedule today. Left Batu Pahat around 10am making our way sending my daughter back to boarding school in Negeri Sembilan. Traffic was slow, but still moving. I always ask my daughter what she wants to eat everytime we send her back. So today, she opted for Mcdonald's. We decided to stop by Mcdonald's along the way. And Senawang is the best choice. It's the one next to Giant Senawang.

We arrived sharp 2pm. The restaurant is very crowded but knowing Mcd, no matter how pack they can be, we know we will be served not longer than 15 minutes. But today is extra "special".

Kids went to book table and I queued with my better half. Our queue was the shortest among 3 queues in the restaurant. But, it was moving the slowest. Trickling, at times, barely moving. I was tired, so I sat down while my better half continued queueing. Mentally I was timing the service level. One customer took about 15 minutes to be served, this is gonna take ages.

The queue next to us was moving so fast. On average, 3 person served at that counter, only one at our counter. I was getting restless, not only me, also the people in my line. The girl manning our counter not only slow, she was taking her own sweet time taking our order and preparing our food. What makes matter worse, this couple, despite being in the queue for 30 minutes, when their turn arrived, they are still deciding what to eat. If it's up to me, I would have left. But, because Mira wants Mcd before she goes back to her boarding, I still stood strong waiting patiently.

But, I lost it. While she was preparing our order despite knowing how long we have waited, instead of speeding things up, she was seen frying the fries and preparing fries for her other colleagues. That is when I told her off "Dik, boleh tak prepare makanan akak. Dah lebih sejam nie, anak nak balik asrama."

Total waiting time before we finally got everything we ordered was 1 hour 15 minutes. Longest I have waited for any food. Even Nasi Kandar Beratur in Penang took us one hour. I was tired and could not even finished my burger. And kesian the kids....

So people, if you happen to be in Mcdonalds Senawang, make a turn and go to another branch . Especially if the counter is manned by a person name Farah. I seriously think she needs training, or else perhaps to consider other career cause this business is not her forte obviously.

Do I believe in fast food definition? My answer, depends on which branch.

Signing off,

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Liza Goes To Movie ~ Untuk 3 Hari

Love stories, chic flic or romantic comedy are my kind of movies. Regardless what the language is, this kind of movies will always be my choice. Not horror or action pack where everyone dies at the end but the hero will rise to the occassion. Of course in most of this kind of movies women are deemed as victims or just waiting to be saved. Cliche!
I don't read love novels though. I know who Ahadiat Akasha is but the only novel of his I read was Legenda Budak Setan simply because everyone was reading them back when I was in school. I just wanted to know what the novel was all about. Needless to say, I love both the book and the movies. Just awesome.
So, when the big hype about Untuk 3 Hari, yet another Ahadiat's novel was all over the news, I was motivated to watch it. Can't find time to go to cinema so booked it via Astro First instead.
Storyline was kind of not logic, but it's a movie, it don't have to be logic. It's about high school sweet hearts forced to marry other people by their families. Much to their dismay, they still went ahead with promise they will get divorce from their partners after 3 days. Crazy right? But that's the story line.
I will not want to spoil it for those who have not watch it. However, it's not a typical movie ending.
As for the controversy surrounding Rashidi Ishak and Vanida Imran's marriage, no such talak phrase between both of them every uttered. I paid attention to every second of the movie, not because it's interesting. More to listen to the scripts.
How I rate this. 2.5 over 5. And will I watch it again. I don't think so.
Next movie to look out for, Aku Terima Nikahnya.
Signing off,

Monday, October 22, 2012

Baby Shower, the day has come....

Subsequent from this entry...

I woke up that Friday feeling nervous. With such short planning, I pray things will turn out right. I applied for half day leave, however, was caught up at work. Full morning in Putrajaya ended up screwing up my time management. But no biggie. Challenges here and there, that what makes it exciting.

I rushed to The Curve to pick up the crowns for the 2 mothers, then to Subang Jaya to pick up my better half. Alhamdulilah, traffic was kind to us. We arrived The Full House, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng at 6pm. Immediately unpack and the started working on the party favours. Bought the items individually, so need to pack and place it on the guests tables.
Thanks to Jules for coming early. She helped to do the party favours. We also got help from the girl who prepared the candy buffet. Sorry, totally forgot her name. Of course, staff in Full House were really helpful. It makes it much easier.
The head planner K Red arrived shortly after that. She worked really hard for this. She was here earlier during lunch time, making sure things are in order.
Guests started to come one by one. While we were waiting for the guests of honour, K Red played her drama, that she is in JB siap commit to get Burberry baby's clothing for the mothers. At the same time, she was giving instructions to the other half of the 2 mothers. Rose's hubby was out of idea since Rose was not too happy to be driven around. So, they stopped at Pelita.
When the first mother arrived, Yan, things start to get a bit chaotic. Why? Cause her car was parked right next to the place we are throwing this baby shower party. We switched off the light and fortunately she was engaged with her berry and was not looking around. When she entered the door, the look on her face was priceless. She started bursting with tears, tears of joy I hope.

Next, 2nd mother was making her way in. Again the shocking moment. However, this was less dramatic than the first one. Not less shocking though.

The rest of the night was just magic. And came another unexpected moment. Astro Awani was covering this event for a segment Busines Alternatif. The highlight was of course K Red. And I got my shocking moment as well. I got interviewed. Totally not prepared, but belasah jer lah.

Thanks to those who made it for the event ; Sid, Maya to name a few. Thanks for the other half's of the 2 VVIPs of the night. Thanks to Astro Awani for giving us few seconds of fame. Thanks to Full House for the excellent service. And most of all, thanks to my better half for helping out. I am just blessed to have a man like you in my life.
And thanks to K Red for remaining calm despite the last minute preparation. I helped her cause she s a good friend of mine, no other reason. If I am in similar situation, I know she would do the same for me, cause she has done that before.
So, who's Baby Shower should we plan next? Hmmmm...
Signing off,

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Liza Got Taste ~ Wati's Corner, Nilai

I am a fan of kampung style cooking. Hotels or fancy restaurants food are not my usual choices. I would prefer gerai type of food and the dishes have to spicy.
So, when I saw in FB a friend recommended this place in Nilai which have Negeri Sembilan cooking, I just couldn't resist. First time we went there, it was closed. Apparently, they don't open on Sunday. I was kind of disappointed, not only because I really wanted to taste the cooking, also the fact that we came right from airport after 5 days in Singapore where the food was not really to our liking.
We gave it our second shot, this time on Saturday after my better half got back from work. The place is about 15 minutes from where we live. It's in Nilai towards Labu. No actual landmark but right in front of a Muslim cemetary.

We arrived close to 2pm and there were not too many people there. Only 3 tables were occupied. We were starving, we ordered straight away. Our choices ; masak lemak daging salai, ikan patin masak tempoyak (I don't eat tempoyak, this is for my better half), sambal tumis udang, ayam kampung goreng with ulam, ikan kering and sambal belacan.

When the food arrived, I was quite disappointed with the portion. It was really small portion especially the masak lemak daging salai and ayam kampung goreng. However, the sambala belacan was a killer, it's exactly how my mom's made it. Tastes wise, oklah. Not bad, but nothing to should about.
And the most shocking thing was the price. For all that we ordered, it costs us RM40! Are you freaking kidding me! I can see the table next to me was also shocked, their bill was RM124 and there's only 7 of them. What they ordered was nothing extra ordinary.
All in all, okaylah. But, will I come here again. No, I don't think so. If I crave for my mom's sambal belacan, I will just go back and ask my mom to make it.
Signing off,

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Baby Shower ~ The 7 Days Chronicle

When I was expecting my 3 kids, there were no such thing as baby shower. I got pregnant, I deliver my baby and go thru confinement. Baby shower takde, lenggang perut adalah. What I was told from my mom in law, lenggang perut was more for anak sulung. A tradition which practised from one generation to another.

Nowadays, baby shower is the in thing. I have read many blogs about people organising them. Never been to one, nearly went to one. But somehow, that did not happen.

So, when I got invitation to this baby shower event, I was so excited to experience baby shower event. The date 5th October was blocked a month earlier and I made sure I am in town. I don't want to miss this one. I asked where the location will be, so that I can schedule my meeting within the area. You know how Friday traffic is. I don't to be late.

However, a week before the event, I still did not hear any new on the event venue. So, I did the next best thing I know

BBM Message
Liza : Babe, jadik ke baby shower nie
RM : Tulah, senyap jer.
Liza : Ada apa2 ke nak aku tolong?

And with that the planning start.

First things first, it's all about location, location, location.

I was searching for few venues which is not too expensive. Called few venues, almost all were fully booked while one was so sombong giler. So, cancel! Then I wanted to explore Full House in Sunway Pyramid. Checked with RM and told her they have branch in Jln Yap Kwan Seng. RM then decided, let's have it here.

So, RM being RM, used her influence and made that call. Venue secured!

Next, theme colour. Since the gender of the babies (yes, it's for 2 mothers, i.e. 2 babies) are not known yet, so RM said go for red. Saya ikut jer since time is short. Just go with the flow.

Next, party favours. I went on shopping spree at Sunway Pyramid after I came back from class. I love doing party favours. I love this part. I went from one shop to another buying cool stuff with red theme. If only not because I was wearing high heel shoes, the spree would have been longer. But, I managed to get all that I need. And satisfied with my purchase.

RM took care of the diaper cake while making the necessary arrangements with the venue manager. Also booked was the candy buffet. When time is short, we have not much time to spare, the most sensible thing to do is outsource. We are both working, so can't really get into the nitty gritty stuff. Buat mana yang termampu, yang penting hati kena ikhlas.

One final thing I need to do before the big day is to get crowns for the mothers. I was checking with friends also online to see the nicer ones. Finally got a friend to make for me. From fresh flowers to reflect the freshness being a mom and it blends with the venue of the event. Green and white :). Love the end product

We did what we could...and now just waiting for the big day...

Let's say how it turn out ya!

Signing off,

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Liza got taste ~ Oh my Innuendo!

I strongly believe the current generation are deprived from good quality music. While I was growing up, there were a lot of good singers, bands, awesome songs with meaningful lyrics. Green Day, Nirvana, Cranberries to name a few. In the local scene, one group that has always been my favourite for the longest time. And that is none other than Innuendo. Those who have not heard of this group, google it and listen to their songs and you know what I mean.

I was 20 when I first listened to this group. Their acappella tone just so soothing and my heart melt everytime I hear their songs. I don't think there's even one song that I don't like.

Belaian Jiwa, remake from Carefree greatest hit was and is still a killer. How the melody blend with the vocal and the music arrangement is so different. It gives a breath of fresh air to the local music scene. Different from the typical song kecewa merana perempuan jahat. Yes, you know what kind of songs this were.

Off all the awesome numbers Innuendo have, some are always stuck in my heart. Beautiful lyrics, I must say....


Until The End of Time

I never knew that you'll be so beautiful
I never thought in a million years you'll be mine...
For all my life been waiting for to see a dream comes true
I never once believe there's someone there like you

So there i was, try to make it all my own
Alone and soon I thought I couldn't change the whole world
For all my life been searching always try to find
Someone like to love me until the end of time

And i give my heart and soul
I give it all to you
All my hopes and dreams someday
This wedding ring
I love you, until the end of time

And one more favourite


Dikau takhta di hatiku
Bersama kita bina istana cinta
Ku rela bersamamu
Di angkasa bergema mekar dan rela

Hingga akhir hayatku
Pastinya bersama
Kasihmu yang kurindui

And I must share the cutest video clip ever! Song entitled Nanti featuring Ruffedge and VE

So, the latest compilation album The Best of Innuendo is of course a must have. I have been listening to this for the last 3 days, non stop! Out of 5 star, Innuendo deserved 10 stars! No doubt about that!

And this is how I know Ahmad Izham Omar and the reason why I labeled him a genius. This is the kind of music we should have in our market!

#nowplaying Akhirnya Innuendo featuring Camelia

Signing off,

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Baby Shower 5 Oct 2012 ~ The Preview

Before I do an entry on this event, enjoy the video first. Though it was quite stressful planning this with K Red, but I had fun. Trying to do this on top of work and family commitment was not easy. And let alone given only 7 DAYS to make sure things are in order.
K Red was evidently the experienced ones. Saya tolong2 mana2 yang patut jer :)
Hope Yan and Rose enjoyed it. More stories on this event? Look out for future entries.
Signing off,

Monday, October 8, 2012

My Abah's Structured Retirement Plan

Why I am such a structured person mainly due to my Abah's ways bringing me up. There are processes and procedures to do things. Mentally there will always be some sort like a process flow with square and diamond decision box indicating the yesses and the nos. I used to hate it when I was small but now I understand it brings structure to my life.
Like the retirement plan my Abah has. He planned it 5 years before he reached 55. He started with planning (yes peeps, before we do anything, we must spend time planning!)  and put his thoughts on paper. I remembered seeing his sketches on the dream house Abah planned to build on this piece of land near Kuala Selangor. I know he will not stay long in Kelana Jaya. The house he dreamed of even has fountain in front of it. Like the one in the soap operas like Dynasty and Dallas.
Abah knows what he wants. He wanted to plant palm oil, having his own orchard and have his own live stocks like chicken, goats and cows. He started working on it 3 years before retirement. He knows planting palm oil will take some time and the first harvest can't be sold. So, he worked back wards to ensure everything can be implemented the day he retires.
My mom retired 4 years after Abah. Once Mom retired, Abah's plan is in full speed. They sold the house in Kelana Jaya and built a bigger house like how he planned. But, no fountain though. The rest was exactly like what he visioned ; cows, goats, chickens even ducks and geese. My dad planted durian, rambutan and mango trees, and also dragon fruits. Latest addition was lemon grass. Coconuts are harvested all year round, and very lucrative I must say.

I salute my Abah. He knows exactly what he wants and willing to work hard to achieve it. Results show and he did very well indeed.
So when he asked me, what's my retirement plan, I spontaneously responded ;
"Akak take over semua yang Abah buat ni lah. Sape lagik lah yang Abah nak harap kan"
Abah can just smiled to that :)

Signing off,

Friday, October 5, 2012

Liza on the map ~ Trip to Singapore, a holiday it is not

One of the beauty of my MBA class is we got to travel. We get to visit other campuses all over the world based on the subjects we choose. So, for the accounting module, I have to travel to Singapore.

I decided to drag my kids and my better half for this trip. I can focus better when all of them are in front of me. I can sleep better at night having the knowledge they have eaten and provided for. That's very important for me to focus for this difficult module. I haven't been doing accounting for the longest time.

We travelled to Singapore via Jetstar. It was the cheapest way to go there. Much cheaper than other airlines, even buses or cars for that matter. I have made thorough comparison before I proceed with the bookings. We also decided to park our car in KLIA, under long term parking. I have calculated, 5 days will costs us RM140, cheaper than taking a cab to and fro.

Jetstar is a low cost carrier so don't expect even 3 star service. But with the price I am paying and the short duration of journey, it's worth the price. Ilham said he can only listen to 5 songs on his iPod touch, then there's landing announcement.

We stayed in Novotel in Clark Quay. This was where my lecture will be held. The hotel was not too bad. It's near the Singapore River and comes alive at night. Next door, adjacent to the hotel is a shopping mall, so access to food (read Mcdonalds) is convenient. Halal food maybe a distance away. But 5 days only, so can do lah.

I am not gonna share what the kids and my better half did since I was not with them. Sadlah, I am in class and they were out there enjoying themselves. Sacrifices I need to make for this MBA. Sigh...

I only get to enjoy Singapore for one night, and just so happened it's the F1 night in Singapore. There were street festival at Clark Quay showcasing lots of local delicacies. But, I was not aware Ramly Burger is one of them ;).

One thing I was so happy about, I managed to get some Zam Zam Murtabak. Okaylah, I don't get to go to Universal Studios or Orchard Road, or even Mustafa Center, Zam Zam Murtabak will do. We walked from our hotel right to Arab Street, it was about 25 minutes walk. And it's worth every sweat (and nearly tears, rasa macam jauh sangat)

I always enjoy Singapore. Just that this time around, it's not a real holiday, more like Touch n Go series. Lesson learned, when I go for lectures in other locations, be sure I will extend my leave to enjoy the cities *Fyi, Boss, please approve leave saya*

Signing off,

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Liza knows technology *a bit lah* ~ In love with my S3

I must admit, day by day, I am turning myself into this gadget freak. I got almost everything new stuff sold. Got an iPad 2, iPod touch, Galaxy Tab, Wii, Asus Zenbook to name a few. And for the past 2 months, I am a proud owner of Samsung S3!! *clap clap*

If you are expecting me to give a techy review, you got the wrong blog. My main reason when I get a gadget will always be because of the look. And I am not embarassed to be seen with it. That was the main reason why I got the Asus Zenbook, really. I don't want to be seen as the out to date person who opened this zaman batu laptop in Starbucks. Yes people, I am vain.

Anyway, I love this S3. It helps me a lot with my study. I can have access to my study portal which contains all the notes and related info. I can also listen to podcasts or recorded lectures while I am driving to work or while I am waiting for my flights. I can also study while I am on flight without having to carry any books or physical notes.

I love the slim look. And I love that I don't have to do any syncing. I can download any apps easily. That is the main reason why me and Apple related products just don't click. No offence to Apple fans, the chemistry between me and iPhones, iPads and other i's are just not there. I tried giving the relationship a shot, we just not meant to be. My kids are now the owners of the iPad2 and iPod touch.

Apart from that, I love that I can read various newspapers and magazines like FT, HBR to name a few. It makes doing research so convenient. One feature I know S3 has is it can be used as modem. I have yet to explore that, will do so soon.

Yes, I love my S3, I can't lie. Now, I can just tell people...

S3, don't leave home without it!

Signing off,

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

In Economics, it's known as opportunity costs

In the morning while driving to work, I love listening to radio. I don't really have preferred radio stations, it depends on my mood. When I am feeling youung and hyper, I will tune to Flyfm or Hitzfm. When I'm feeling a bit relaxed, I listen to Mixfm. And when I am in my better half's car, I am forced to listen to Sinarfm. That is a separate entry all together.

Today, Mixfm is the choice. And every morning they have different topic they speak about. Today, the topic is have you pawned anything in your life. This topic brings back a memory, or more specific a good experience in life.

It's not a secret, the first few years of our marriage was really tough. Not only trying to get used to each other(when you are courting and when you are married to the ma you are courting, trust me it's not the same), the main constraint was financial. Making ends meet was really tough challenge.

I remembered after I delivered Ilham, the finance situation got worse. Since we were at this stage of trying to proof ourselves to our parents, showing we are independent, asking help from them was never an option. After all, my parents were against me getting married at young age. Diapers, milk formula, babysitter to name a few costs that we need to consider. We fought a lot, perhaps due to tremendous pressure. At times, I cried in the middle of the night looking at my kids sleeping, wishing I can give them a better life.

Come to a point, a week before salary day, we were totally broke. Main reason was due to our car insurance and road tax have expired and that cost us a bomb! We have to spend most of our money to cover for that and we only have diapers and formula to cover 3 days. Imagine my worry, what do I feed my precious the next 4 days.

I have no choice and have to do what I need to do. I pawned my wedding and engagement rings to get some cash. Those items are important to me, but not as important as my kids. They are my life. When I asked my better half for permission, he didn't agree. I know he felt bad for making me going through this hardship. I kept on reminding him, we're in this together! (tiba2 teringat lagu High School Musical, *singing -We're all in this together* ok Liza snap!)

We managed to get some cash and I was relieved to be able to get the supply for my kids.The day salary was out, the first thing my better did was to get the rings back. He went straight to the pawn shop in Sungei Way and pay every single cent for it.

Those were the days. Yes, life was tough but I believe that made me the person I am. Those kind of experience made me different from everyone else. I value money more and I know I worked very hard to get every single ringgit I earned. And I save a lot. I am not a compulsive buyer and most of my money are either in the bank or spend them for my kids. Occassionally, we spend for family vacations. Branded stuff is really rare occassion.

And the best thing is, this experience made our marriage much more stronger. We have been through a lot over the years, and that make us love and appreciate each other more....

Of course, in Economics, this experience is called Opportunity costs, susah2 dahulu. Senang2 kemudian....

Alhamdulilah, semua kejadian ada hikmah nya.

Have an awesome day peeps!

Signing off,

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Liza got taste ~ Pulai Terrace, Pulai Spring Resorts

Despite being married to someone from Johor, I don't really get to see much of Johor besides Batu Pahat. Yes, I go to JB quite often, but it's more due to work. First flight in, evening flight out. I see only airport and meeting rooms and nothing else.

One weekend I had to go to Skudai for work and since it was school holidays, I thought of dragging the whole family with me. We stayed in Pulai Spring Resort, one of the resorts in JB I love so much. We arrived very late that night, have to wait for my better half came back from work. Usually, I am driven by cab driver to this place, this time we have to get there and relied on GPS to get to our destination. Ended up, it stopped in the middle of nowhere, and the clock was showing 11.45pm. Scary!

Finally, we found the resort. I know I don't get to enjoy it that much the next day, Mama has to go to work. But, I am glad the kids get to enjoy the food and had fun.

My sister in law stayed near the resort so we thought of calling her and hubs for lunch. I have never tried food at the resort except for breakfast, which is by the way, nothing impressive. So, we decided to have lunch at the Pulai Terrace, place where typically golfers have their meals.

The menus were quite extensive, from local flavours to western delight. The prices were not too bad. Slightly lower than typical hotel food prices. Some items we ordered.

How do I rate this place?

For ambiance, I was so close to give it a 4/5. The view is so green and windy. Love the fresh air but ended up giving it 2.5 due to flies hovering the area where we eat. Easily, there were nearly 10 of those causing discomfort. I have to request for some candles from the waiter.

Service was great. Better than average, so I give it 4/5. Food was so-so. Suit the price well. So 3.5/5 fit the ratings.

Will I come here. Maybe, if I am too lazy to leave the resort.

Signing off,

Monday, October 1, 2012

Liza on the map ~ Ada Apa Dgn Ipoh

Caution : This entry has significant number of food photos. For readers out there who have this thing about seeing food pics on blog, please click on the x icon on the top right of this page

Right after we came back from Europe early June, we felt guilty for not taking the kids anywhere. We arrived few days before the school holidays started so I asked my better half, why don't we take the kids on a train adventure to Ipoh. We have always wanted to take the kids on train, this is our chance.

I booked the tickets via KTM Careline which I think it's really not that convenient. You can only book via phone, then you need to go to KTM counter to pay and collect your tickets. No online payment, etickets whatsoever. Weird considering it's just simple technology. I was told they only implemented the real definition of online system few weeks back so I was one of the those who is have to get the tickets manually.

We tickets price were not too bad. And the train is really comfortable. They sold food on board and Wifi service is also provide. The total journey took us about 1.5 hours. The train stopped at few stations but very briefly. The moment we arrived, we collected the car which we have pre-booked earlier. We stayed in this hotel called Regalodge, a 3 start business hotel. The hotel was ok, they even provide free mini bar with some can drinks and snacks.
What is there to see in Ipoh? Many people responded the moment I told them we are taking kids to Ipoh. Let's go through the lists one by one.
For one, it's the food and we had loads of it
Mandatory - Nasi Vanggey which was about 3 minutes drive from where we stay. It's located in Greentown. Don't worry chances are you'll not get lost, just ask for directions, practically every one knows where Nasi Vanggey is.
We also enjoyed the popiah goreng SS Ali, sold at the Medan Selera where night market called Gerbang Malam is located. This night market has practically everything, from clothing to used items.
I was recommended to go to this halal dim sum, also in Greentown Ipoh called Greentown Dim Sum Cafe. Oklah, but stil prefer the one in Holiday Villa.
One interesting thing was where we enjoyed cendol made the traditional way. It's located at Cendol Padang Kilat @ Pasir Pinji, Ipoh.
Who says there's nothing to see in Ipoh. We took a short boat ride at this place called Gunung Lang. The area is so beautiful, so green. Too bad it was not commercialised.
And that my friend is our one day in Ipoh. There's actually much more to see, caves, water park and markets, but our stay was too short. We shall be back one day.
p/s - Baby left her pouch which has her phone and camera in it on the train back. In normal situation, sure gone one. But, Alhamdulilah, KTM called us and we collected the stuff few days later. Good job KTM!
Signing off,